Diyelectricskateboard motor mount kit help

Hi, i’m currently assembling their kit but i don’t know what i’m doing wrong, the kit is the 15mm one with 15mm belt and 97mm wheels, i am using a spacer on the backside of the wheel and that clears the wheel from the motor pulley.

but what i don’t get is how to make so the set screws on the motor pulley wont hit the belt when it’s spinning. am i doing something wrong?


I dont know the answer to this particular question but I have that kit on the way and I’ll be using loctite 680 to secure the motor pulley as a few peolpe here are doing.

@Eboosted swears by this.

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Edit: Flip motor pulley**

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But then the screws on the motor pulley will hit my wheels :confused:

@Eboosted Method works, I’ve tried it.

just use loctite on the shaft and let it dry up?

Cut them down with dremel or find shorter ones so the head doesn’t protrude

It looks like you have the motor mount screws in the pulley set screw location. Mine don’t have heads like that. I have the same kit.

Read this:

97mm mounted on left Clearance is possible

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Those screws i have in the motor pulley were there from factory, no grub screws in my bag

Wow… That is surprising. You could also probably get away with just using a keyway (if one was included). I had to shave mine down for them to fit.

@torqueboards Can you chime in?

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Just using the keyway no screw? woont it “Slip around” on the motor axis?

It will most likely have a small amount of play, but it’ll work. I use both, and I’ve had the set screws come loose before. The board still worked fine, but you could hear the pulley rattle a bit. Not a big deal. As far as slipping off the axle, your belt will prevent this if it tight.

Okay, i’ll use that for now and go buy some grub screws tomorrow :slight_smile: , thanks for the help

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Mine worked with out grub screws Edit: the factory hardware worked for mine on 97mm

maby i should go without them then? if they are not needed that much?

I used two grub screws, keyway, and the outside ones with the heads

do you have the 15mm kit?

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12mm good point