Diyelectricskateboard V4 Motor Mount Issue with 63mm SK3

If anyone is using the new V4 motor mount from diyelectricskateboard with the 63mm SK3 motor, make sure you enlarge the center slot or the retaining ring will hit the slot and not spin freely. I ruined my original clip and couldn’t figure out why the motor didn’t spin freely.

The welded motor mount had enough room to spin, but unfortunately it cracked and I needed a replacement.

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Sorry if this is an easy question, but is that ring necessary for a motor to work? I just got an SK3 and I didn’t know if I had to keep that on or not.

yup you sure need it. otherwise your motor falls apart.

Could you also put some spacers for the four bolts. Between the motor and the plate. Maybe a one or two small washers

Everyone should add washer and bolts and more nuts on their motor mounts and the everyone will be happy

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But then you lose even more of your usable shaft length for mounting a pulley. A single washer shouldn’t be too bad if it allows the clip to clear, but I would probably just grind the motor side edges of the slot until you have enough clearance.

I could of added 2 washers per screw but I didn’t feel like buying new motor mount screws. The ones that come with the kit are short. I just drilled a large hole where the center of the motor sits. And I cut the ears off the clip.