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Diyelectricskateboard's Anti Spark Power Switch?

I now have @torqueboards Anti Spark Power Switch, but I don’t know how it connects.
Does it go between the battery and VESC? What connectors are needed?

Yes. Between the battery and vesc. IT comes with 5.5mm bullets, so that’s what you need. Or you can clip and solder your ESCs and battery leads in if you want a permanent connection.

google “5.5mm gold tone bullet connector” and you’ll find a ton of vendors. Even walmart has them now, apparently they’ve become popular in the AV industry. Who knew.

Can I put any kind of connector on it? Or is it recommended to use the bullet connectors?
I’m using Deans on my setup.

of course, you can use your favorite connectors. Deans are fine, lots of people like them.

@lilracerboi - Sorry for sending you the switch. I didn’t see your PM until recently. If you still don’t need it, I can still refund it just let me know.

As for connectors, you can use any connector which works for you. The LED end is towards the battery side.

Okay, I think I got it now. Thanks for the quick help.

Also, no worries @torqueboards. I guess I’ll need it for a while since I’ll have to wait for the space cell.

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Is a spark spark plug necessary?

Be careful, it’s a one-way circuit. Look closely at the board and you will see the source(battery) connects to one end and the Load (Vesc or Esc) connects to the other end. If you get it wrong you will likely blow the circuit.

Not 100% necessary but after time your connectors will have a build up of black stuff on them and will increase resistance.

XT90-s are really cheap and saves you having to replace your connector every now and then.

Yeah, I noticed those markings and connected my plugs as necessary, but just to make sure:
IN -> Battery

That’s right. in side to battery and out side to vesc.

Okay, thanks for the tip.