DJI package for 380 at gear best today

Gents there is a “lucky” option that promises a DJI quad and accessories from gear best today for 380 which is stupid cheap. Just FYI.

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I don’t understand…?

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And I can’t find it :frowning:

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where is it? am I hellen keller?



Think Monkey means this.

If you go to gearbest…the 11:11 sale…they have the option for a " lucky bag" which will include a DJI drone and accessories…they don’t show pictures nor tell you what drone…but it 's a 350 euro gamble which at worst lands you a Spark or Phantom 3 and at best and Mavic Pro for 380

DJI prices For reference -

Mavic 900+ new Spark 600+ new Phantom 3 500+ new Phanton 4 1400+ new

Therefore stupid low price…and if you already have a remote for a DJI this is, to me, an no brainier.

Yes @Moros link

Just be careful people usually say the lucky bags are scams and anything you get you could buy for cheaper. And idk they might count some crappy DJI knockoff and send you that lol.

I’ve not had bad experiences in the past with gearbest but I’ve heard of others having problems…I feel like if DJI is stated they will follow through but yeah I know if it’s too good to be true probably is. Just got a nice big paycheck and already have a Spark, so, you know…for science.

Yeah I’ve had good experiences with GB as well though still be careful cause it’s not DJI running this lucky bag it’s gearbest themselves.

Who can afford 300$ for this kind of thing Like you dont even know what you are getting

I believe it’s a quality drone for at least 50% off. Possibly 75%. Sorry if i offended…just looked like a deal. More a reliable gamble is how I look at it ( have purchased over 1000 of mech from gear best and so far no disappointments) I will report back when I get whatever it is I’m getting.

Uhm why couldn’t it be a phantom 1,2, 3 standard? Which are worth no more than that

It looks like you get a bag to put your DJI and accessories in.

If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is

Might be a phantom 1 or 2 Defiantly not the Mavic or phantom 4

They haven’t sold phantom 1+2’s ever so I assumed…but maybe I made an ass out of me…:wink:

Ye gearbest is cheap af they wont give you anything more than you paid probably even less

Worst case scenario I pay for a older (still awesome)new drone…best case I get a fucking steal. Either way I end up with a new DJI drone. I know it’s not everyone’s flavor just trying to share interesting stuff.

Also I really hope it’s a Mavic Pro and I rub this in all yo faces.:grin:

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Your wrong about that.