Do abec clones hold a light to the originals?

Debating between pulling the trigger on some abec 11s off of evolves website (90 mm is my thought for a raptor 1 but open to others opinions on this).

Curious if its worth the premium or if clones are worth anything in comparison to the original? Also curious on the ride quality on the size. I figure I can fit a 90mm under without any modifications because I run stiff bushings/trucks and that will help give clearance while having more wheel to eat up rocks and bumps.

I’m getting confident on the stock enertion wheels but just looking to take it to the next level in confidence on random road debris.

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The clones are just as good, I installed Abec clones 97mm on both my eboards and i’m very happy with them, they’re just as good. I bought mine on ebay.

I heard the centers are more prone to breaking but who cares when you can buy 3 at the same price!

Is there a certain off brand clone that tends to be a better supplier than the other?

I’ve used both. My 90mm clones where good and stable riding they where not as soft as my Abec11’s but they where a little more stable at high speed 30+ mph My 97mm clones where very wobbly. I am currently using Abec11 83mm 75a and 78a There is currently a shortage of Abec 11 flywheels so they are hard to find The clones are ok on smooth roads but I wouldn’t go over 90mm

How are the clone 83mm?

Have a set of good set of 90mm 78a clones along with a number genuine Abec 11 wheels. 90mm 75a, 78a, 83’s,… At the same duro, the genuine Abec 11 wheels are softer and grip better. They seem to chunk less too. If you mainly skate over smooth pavement, the clones are fine. If you go over rougher streets, are an aggressive rider and need more grip during hard carves, or just want the softest ride possible, go with the real deal.

I have both original Abec in 97mm and clones in 83mm, 90mm and 97mm. I believe that the original Abecs is a bit softer which makes the ride a little bit nicer on rough roads, but it is a minimal difference. I cant recognize the wobble at high speeds when using the 97mm clones. Maybe the wheels was just poorly manufactured?

The main reason I choose the clones is because of the big range of colors. The cheaper price is of course also nice.

I never tried 83mm clones