Do decks lose their stiffness or spring over years of use and are lipo safer than ion?

Since you guys are talking about the stiffness of the boards, does the degradation of the stiffness affect composite boards like the trampa boards or the CF board by hi5ber

Theoretically yes, as with all composite materials carbon fiber is subject to fatigue. Compared to wooden decks though, carbon fiber (if made properly) should practically last forever.

Pure wood decks go soft fairly quickly. The glass and cf sandwich decks hold on really well.

I have been using Lipos on my esk8s for 2 years now without any issues except that I had to replaced one 2s pack because one of its main wires lost connection inside the pack. They are Turnigy hard packs. The hard case is very durable and puncture resistant. I highly recommend using hard pack Lipos for esk8 applications along with a good enclosure.

I feel, as others have stated, that the problems with Li-ions packs is usually in there construction. Packs that are welded together with nickel strips and are rigid are going to be susceptible to vibration and board flex.

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agreed, running long lengths of nickel in series connections isn’t going to hold up to any kind of flex.

I’ve been employing, for the lack of a better word, modular series connections to every P group with copper braid so flex won’t pop off any welds. Eboosted is doing something similar.





Those packs look insane, I think I would be that proud to have built something so neat and tidy I would get a clear enclosure

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And this is the level of engineering that should go into building Li-ion packs. Well done @thisguyhere