Do FOCBOX's actually exist somewhere?

SO I finally decided to try these things out and get a pair and I go to find some and it seems they are just a figment of my imagination. Even the stores that have the big “IN STOCK NOW!” banners and stuff don’t have them when you reach the product page…is there a problem with the supply? Too much demand? are we waiting on a kickstarter or something? And does anyone have an alternative because I need some VESC’s…

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World Wide DirectFet Shortage

All of he foc boxes are supplied by enertion. Yes the demand is above supply and supply is running short due to some electrical components. You just have to wait for the next batch :stopwatch:

Any idea why the L2 version isn’t used instead of L1?

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They’re also out of stock… the Only thing you can find is CUT TAPE package, which is useless for any machinery.

And BTW I think they bought the last rolls. And production should go on at the end of CNY


I’ve got some I could sell you. PM me an offer and I’ll shoot you some pics. Sold out

It’s an older version, probably.

If you producing a product and you use general component without pre-ordering parts directly from the manufacturer with taking everything in account lead-times and etc. Then you just playing with fire…


L1 was released in 2013, L2 in 2014 I’ve been using the L2 for over 6 months on focbox repairs

Well then the answer is the spec sheet, both are just fine.

I wonder if Enertion would sell everything but the fets installed focbox PCBs… @onloop

I wish they gave us any feedback on what is accutly going not just hey this happened not my problem am not taking responsibility and then ghosting us pretty bummed out I ordered way ahead of time and 2+months still no delivery estimate. Not ranting or lashing out just saying


Well, I’m pretty sure they don’t own the PCB assembly factory, and I’m pretty they don’t buy any part but a whole assembly, so if the factory didn’t go forward and told that they were missing part it hard to put the screwup on Enertion.

Also, you might not know, but China is pretty secretive which mean that if something bad happen your only aware of it at the last possible minute and they don’t always tell you the truth especially regarding production capability and defective ratio.


They r a figment of our imagination like unicorns and government assistance. But one day I will find a unicorn and remove its horn and with it call all the FocBoxes to existance and do our bidding hahahaha. Lol too much

The only reason am saying this was because he said he had stock ready to ship 500focbox and then cybermonday came and we know the rest he explained what had happened u could say but as big as the company they are still to be beheld accountable and get the job done at there own expense. they mest up to begin with for them to go the were not going to loose profit out of this and go the long exstravegent way path.

I have a lot of unicorns. FocBoxes. Boosted “Extended” battery. CarvOn’s SDs (V3)


I still don’t have a money clip @carl.1 . i purchased 4 focboxes and a nano x controller. The total was over $400 so I believe i should be receiving at least one if not eight as the $50 min order stipulation

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yes, and you will receive your FocBox, don’t worry Enertion might miss there delay, BUT THEY ALWAYS DELIVER, just be patient.

And don’t think they are not working hard making shit happen because they do.


Let’s not turn this thread into lashing or demanding let’s not get this thread shut down all jokes tho that’s a good one