Do FOCBOX's actually exist somewhere?

I meant no anger in my post…it was meant as a joke…but a lot of truth is said in jest…I just want my moneyclip please Please PLEASE PleAse?

Did somebody say money clip. Got that unicorn too. No money anymore though


Exactly the same as you mate I currently have lots of unicorns ( carvon V3 , photon remote V1 , 6 focbox


I don’t have a photon…but i do have focboxes and carvons…i just want my money clip @carl.1 helllo?

Enertion support said mine was coming with my focbox’s. Guess what was not with my focbox’s.

@Jreamer you didn’t get your money clip either? This is crazy…I wonder how they decided which boxes received clips?

@ATLesk8 just sent an email to support. We will see what happens, probably will send it with the wheels I ordered.

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@ATLesk8 @Jreamer

Selection is made by using the same list as Santa, Sorry guys you shouldn’t have been that naughty.



@JohnnyMeduse Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have stolen that candy from that baby


You build a single tiny $100K sex dungeon in your basement…

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Hi Everyone

With the new logistics, it’s really difficult to catch up things. They are still in learning process and constantly getting improved.

I know some of the customer’s didn’t received their money clip with their orders (even after getting all the stuff delivered). Please contact Enertion Support via Email for the inquires so we will look over it and fulfill which is missing. Email is [email protected]

For FOCBOXes and NANO-Xes, we have shipped a bulk to our US and UK Team for stocking, Lead time is 1-4 working days hopefully (used express shipping). After the delivery of the products to them, we will resume shipping orders (with FOCBOXes and NANO-Xes only) to our US and UK customers, This will also reduce the delivery timing and there will be no extra shipping charges (Customs Duty).

The rest of the orders will be shipped by Early March hopefully (After the Chinese Holiday in FEB). Orders including wheels etc.

We will never miss any of our customer, we might be late but we will deliver to each and every customer for sure :slight_smile:


So the people outside of UK and US will need to wait untill march?? And it’s not guaranteed it will ship then either?


We will update with the situation regarding this shortly

really guys? you need to stop playing the blame game and stop the exuces and take responsibility…

products being 4 months late is unacceptable


Were any chargers sent the us warehouse?

So apparently I can start with writing a complaint to ACCC because Enertion boards is registered in Australia. It’s been over 76 days and still, nothing delivered it’s basically a scam.


I have been scammed. This is nothing like a scam in my opinion.


Enertion is a legit company and I am sure they won’t scam you, but they are “small” so we should give them a bit of slack. :no_mouth:

You need to bequiet if you know nothing @ZackoryCramer, half of the vendors are a small company operate as a one man army, Enertion is no "small company " by any stretch of imagination, the major problem was that they stated they had stock when cyber Monday hit which was false.


I’m feeding them slack all the time and I know that in the end I will get my stuff. However. I am a teensy bit sore about specifically being told that there were 500 units of focbox in stock before the sale. I got up early and got my order in some of the first ones. Now, two months later they are saying that they’ve shipped 400… I understand they were fed false info but it still stings.