Do I choose replaceable or non-replaceable treads for my wheel motor?

First of all, let’s understand the wheel motor. The wheel motor drive system is mainly divided into two structural types according to the rotor type of the motor: inner rotor type and outer rotor type.

The outer rotor type uses a low-speed outer rotor motor with a maximum motor speed of 1000-1500r/min, no reduction device, and the wheel speed is the same as the motor.

The in-rotor type, on the other hand, uses a high-speed in-rotor motor with a fixed ratio gearbox, and the motor speed can be as high as 10,000r/min in order to obtain a higher power density.

With the advent of more compact planetary gear reducers, the in-rotor type wheel motor is more competitive in terms of power density than the low-speed out-rotor type. So let’s get back to the point, do we go for the replaceable or non-replaceable ones? Of course we would choose the replaceable first time, because if I don’t like my tires or they are worn out, then I can just replace the tread without having to go buy a new motor, but 。。。。 Is it really necessary? In our customers in fact, a large part of the skateboard is not worn to replace the tires when the electric skateboard has been bad because of other problems, because the choice of tires are in fact many are using PU tires this tire is very wear-resistant, usually use a year is no problem, and to buy a replaceable tires electric skateboard is usually more expensive than the non-replaceable tires So we are worth spending more money to buy replaceable tread wheel motor? Of course it’s worth it, although replacement tires are also more expensive, are if we are not satisfied with our tires can be replaced at any time, of course, for newcomers this is a difficult thing, but it’s worth every penny, isn’t it? At the end here is a link to replace the tire tread will not be replaced can look, of course this site actually provides technical support :point_right:

It’s most likely the personal choice, prefer replaceable.

I also prefer the interchangeable