Do I have a broken E switch

I am no electronics guru, so I need some help. I apologize for my lack of skill in advance.

I have an old enertion space cell that won’t turn on with the e switch connection.

I removed the switch and shorted the switch wires to make sure it’s not the button, but still no power.

I do get power with the charger plugged in.



Any thoughts on the best way to get this rolling again?

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Most likely you have a broken cell sense connection. The bms is preventing from turning on because it senses a fault

Measure your cell voltages. It’s possible that the cells are dead/ not connected

Thx guys! Will do

These are the voltages I got.


Groups 2 and 3 are low. Is there a way to fix this without disassembling the pack?

Bit late for that isn’t it? yeah, your cells defiantly shouldn’t have a difference of 1v

@Sascha_stevenson Would you mind stop the sarcasm and bring some solutions to the matter ? The guy is no expert he stated it on his post. @CamBo you can take the simplest 18650 charger ( those frequently used for e cig ) or a power supply. Use the balance wire or make a custom set up to charge the unbalanced packs and you should be good to go

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Thx @ElskerShadow I appreciate it. Would I hook to the negative balance lead and the lead for the low group? And how do I tell what is + and what is - on the e cig charger?

Alright man calm down! It was only a little joke

@CamBo On the charger where you place the cells it should have a +&- on each end image

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@CamBo Charge all the cells up to the same level then continue the charge on the bms in the board. Then what I would do it ride till dead try and charge via the bms again and see if everything is working fine. And see hopefully that you haven’t got any damaged cells. how long has the battery been sitting around?

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At least 6 months. Maybe longer. I’ve been riding a different board and this was just sitting

First rule of battery : don’t let your cells sitting full charge. If you know you won’t be using a board for a extended time drain the battery to 50% it will preserve cell longevity


@ElskerShadow @Sascha_stevenson Thx for the help. I really appreciate it. This whole battery thing is new to me. But I like the learning. And more when I don’t wreck stuff prematurely. This hobby is expensive enough without me causing problems.

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