Do I have a dead FOCBOX?

Check all the pins on the drv chip and make sure non of them are shorted.

well I did check with my multimeter to make sure there were no shorts but I’m not sure if maybe there is an issue in this area… the protective coating on the board looks like it wore of and the soldier might be causing a short… not sure though… I don’t know how to test it to be positive. My next idea is to possible just desolder all those little cap resistors and apply some solder past to just the pads and then try to reflow it so that I am more confident the solder is only where its supposed to be. What do you guys think? I’m all for having a good ESC but I don’t want to just throw away $150 on this one. image

There was a shit load of heat put into this board. To me it looks like he burnt the components next to the one phase wire and next to the drv. Looks like your friend sold you a turd. Send it in and buy a new one

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I second this but I would try to fix the top left of the drv chip. There are 2 spots which look like they are shorted

I thought the same thing but if you look a the schematic you an see that there are a few pins that aren’t used as well as those 4 pins that are bridged on purpose. I think I’ll try to spend some more time looking at this schematic tomorrow and maybe try to ensure that the connections are all isolated from eachother with my multimeter and maybe there is a bridge somewhere in there that shouldn’t exist. image

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