Do i have a defect motor?

is it possible that I have a defect motor? Whenever i try riding it it goed really slow. When it’s on the ground and nothing on it it stutters and doesn’t move. I have tried to redo my motor detection but it failed. I hope my motor is not defect because i live in europe and i bought it from DIYelectricskateboards.

here are some pictures of my setting on BLDC

I also have a video of my riding it on full thortlle: here

I also have a video of my setup and my motor running on full throttle on the ground: Here

Thank you so much for looking at my request! i hope that you can help me​:grin::grin::grin:

defective motor? if it fails the bldc test most likely. have you tried opening it and seeing if the phase wires are insulated from the housing or each other.
you could also use an inductance meter for 15$ to check each phase or maybe if you get a really accurate resistance meter it will show up. the inductance meter and resistance meter on the vesc foc program test are really good and you might still be able to get some results from that.

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It was working and then it stopped working? What voltage are you running? A failed detection could be the wrong battery cut off settings. Bad soldered motor wires. Did you check the faults?

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Well it was always like this so it never was working. I am running 33.3 volts so that is 9s. I don’t know what you mean with the faults

You’ll want to explain more of your setup. Motor, battery setup, etc. Photos…

Can’t really troubleshoot your issue if you give no info :confused:

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of what do you need pictures?

You’ll want to explain more of your setup. Motor, battery setup, etc. Photos…

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i have 3 9s battery’s from zippy flightmax. Each 5000 mah and 11.1 volts. I have thos 3 batterys connected in series to my vesc. The vesc is a VESC BLDC Speed Controller that i got from My motor is a Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV also from I also have a TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Nano Remote Controller. That’s all i guess. I have a link here that leads to a video of my setup

so your running 9S? You might have to adjust your battery cut off start & stop settings.

Usually, I would do

9S (9) * 3.6v = 32.4v 9S (9) * 3.3v = 29.7v

See if that fixes your issue.


changed it but it did not work

Sounds to me like you are actually running three 3s batteries in parallel (not series) for a total of 11v. That would be really slow. Also you should make sure your motor connections are solid

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Have a look in the realtime tab. Activate the sampling and tell us the Battery Voltage that you see there.


Please show us a pic or video (if video - more light so we can see clearly).

Specifically of your battery connections - how they are connected so we can validate if it’s in parallel or series.

It would be good to also see pictures of your connectors - as close as possible and use flash if needed so it’s clear. Looking for good soldering if you made your own connectors or replaced battery connectors.

Plus the above suggestions on VESC BLDC settings.

What’s your gearing? Motor gear # teeth, and Wheel gear # teeth?


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This is what it shows

Here are some pictures of my connections

Here is the connection of the motor wires:

here are some pictures of the motor: The wheel pulley has 36t the motor pulley has 16t 265mm 12mm width belt

Charge your battery. The voltage of 28.7V is below the cutoff voltage.


what happens then if it is below the cutoff voltage?

The VESC shuts off the power to protect the battery. So your battery is empty. Just charge it and then try it again.

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This is what it should look like right. But now it goes extreemly fast. How do i make it go slower?

Try riding now