Do I need to update FOCBOXs firmware 2.18?

Hi guys!! I have everything connected to test. Did the first setup of my dual focboxes using BLDC tool and set them to FOC.


I Bought them 6 months ago so the firmware they have is 2.18. Should I update the firmware to be able to use VESC tool? I have seen so many versions I really don’t know where to start…


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The short answer is you probably don’t need to, but it wouldn’t hurt. I recommend you use the vesc tool exclusively now, it has an update wizard to help you get the right firmware version. There’s a few YouTube tutorials around on how to do this as well.

U ll lost your warenty if u upgrade. Ask @carl.1 .

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Haha lol… it is Enertion. Most off the time all those focbox’s don’t have any warranty.

I also think it is punishable in Europe for not giving a warranty on a product after a software update


I think they have bypassed all the European warranty laws by simply not selling in Europe. If you buy from a retailer in EU then it is the retailer’s responsibility to honor the warranty.


You’re wrong.

So wrong.

Anyhow, 2.18 is the latest focbox firmware

If you are running Acks esc tool then you will have to update. I actually like that better it was a lot easier to set up as there is a wizard for the setup. For the bldc tool on enertions website I think it can only run on 2.18 as the most current firmware.

Is there a reason for that? I truly believe that the “temperature acceleration decrease” feature implemented in later vesc fw revisions is an important safety feature.

I was left without brakes after a steep hill one too many times to not upgrade the fw.

@taz I know. That is the easiest solution for them.

@barajabali I know: Enertion give “ * 60 Days for self-installed applications” warranty. But most off the high quality motor have 5.5mm bullets. So you must use a adapter or change the vesc bullets and lose warranty.

But I was more talking about the focbox’s what are sold here on the forum. I formulated it incorrectly

Im not sure… Likely some open source litigation or something…

Looks like there are many wrong perspectives about FOCBOX (Original) In terms of warranty on the forum. FOCBOX (by default) comes with 60 days warranty covering only manufacturing defects. But If you purchased it with a platinum warranty then there will be 1-year support for it.

@pjotr47 That’s true it’s punishable in EU but only if there is a software update. FOCBOX’s default firmware is 2.18 and also it’s the latest one. Please don’t confuse Unity with FOCBOX :wink: because Unity has software updates. @taz the temperature thing is implemented well in Unity (not in default FOCBOX).

@vortek So, here is the answer to your question If you have the warranty still available on your FOCBOXes then I recommend you to stick with 2.18 but if you don’t have any warranty on it then go for the latest firmware available on the forum.

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He stated that he bought it 6 months ago, I’m guessing the black friday specials. This unit would no longer have a warranty correct?

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Yes because as @CarlCollins said the FOCBOX comes with a 60 day warranty as standard. After that point, do what you like with it. If you purchased the year long warranty then don’t play with it. Set it up, use it, done.

That’s what I see from it anyways!

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@briman05 As @MrDGOrman explained, I am indicating same thing

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Hi there,

So this is what happens when I connect to the vesc tool: Screeshot%202019-04-10

for the vesc tool it is tool old of firmware and you would have to update it as for the bldc tool it is the most current. The bldc tool is outdated compared to the vesc tool or acks esc tool

I don’t have warranty anymore. Which firmware do you advise? I have the MetrPro bluetooth module so was hoping to use the Metr App.IMG_5CBA45EE924F-1

Bldc tool should not be used any longer, due to safety issues and no support. If you are concerned about warranty, remember that you can drop on FW 2.18 at any time you like. No one can see that you used later FW versions before. The FW tab in VESC-Tool allows to upload any FW you like.

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I use ackmaniac fw 3.102. Works perfectly with metr pro :+1:

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You would want the firmware that is for hw_410, hw_411 and hw_412

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