Do I really need an ESCape or FOCbox? Or will APS esc work

Hello everybody I’m new here, great work with the community, without this place everything would be so much harder. It gives me confidence to start my own build.

So I haven’t bought anything yet, I’ve been researching for a week now. Don’t want to blow my cash on crap. But I’m also on a tight budget.

If I had a lot of money I’d go for an escape immediately! The design is fucking sweet. And looks like it would survive some abuse. But since I’m a poor kid is it okay to save some money and go for this esc by aps?

And what do you think about 10s2p on a single 190-200kv motor? Will this give enough range/speed/torque? Was thinking of going for this 30q pack. But read somewhere on this forum you couldn’t draw enough amps on 2p.

A bit pricey though. Anybody know some better EU vendors? (Don’t have a spot welder or battery schematics knowledge). Don’t need the BMS prolly gonna go for balance charger. But I don’t want lipos, I’m not carefull enough, like to charge things overnight, etc. The things just seem to volatile to put on a skateboard…

On a different note. I don’t like the longboards without kicktails they are a pain to steer properly even at pushing speed. I’ve been skating pools for a long time. So I was thinking about going for a 32" old school fish deck. Will this be enough space to fit everything? Or can I fit everything on a regular deck?

Talking about steerability, i would like to go for a dual rear, but don’t have the cash yet. So on a single rear how is steering? To me it seems if only one wheel is powered it would ride crooked. Might be wrong though.

Also how do the builds hold up over time? How long till stuff starts breaking? I skate to destroy and want to push the build to the limit. Fly over speed bumps, pop off curbs, and do some airs in the park. Probably I’ll break first, skate life innit…

Last question what about loose trucks? I love to just keep the trucks as they are -screw at top of kingpin no thread visible- and let them loosen up over time. What about speed wobble? Can I keep em loose? I once got toed behind a car at 50 kph and had to drop the rope immediately or I was gonna fall.

Thanks for making it this far, a lot of questions I know but didn’t want to make six different threads. If you would be so kind to answer any or all of these questions I would be very gratefull. Apologies if it’s in the wrong category I started with one question, but once I started writing… -666-

Ps if anyone has good stuff to sell in EU hit me up.

VESC FOR SURE!!! ALWAYS!!! damn spam filter…

Do you really need a steak or will a bologna sandwich do?

Get a Focbox or Escape. It’s what I would do.


As a middle ground, cheaper VESCs work great as long as you treat them as the fragile components they are. I’m running a maytech vesc with an ollinboards vesc via split ppm and as far as I can tell they’re exactly the same.


So they do the same, but a fcbx or escp will last longer? Also what is the benefit of the new vesc 6 over the 4?

All vescs do the same thing of turning a BLDC Motor. The difference comes in whether they can handle FOC mode, how effectively they dissipate heat which relates to how much power you can put through them, and over all ability of the VESC to handle user generated mistakes that could potentially destroy it. A $100 torquevoards VESC will be fine in BLDC mode if you use sensible current and regen limits. I have 1 that’s been running great almost 2 years, I now use it in my dual alongside an ollin VESC.

Turn on foc on maytech and foc on ollin and see what happens

That’s why I specified treating them nicely. In sensored bldc mode, 4.12 VESCs can output a fuckton of power without actually being at risk of breaking

Just dont use the chinese dual escs found on ebay. Unsafe, unreliable not fun to ride as throttle curve is awful

hey, this combo from APS seems really expensive to me for just a motor and an unknown ESC

get yourself a vesc from hobbyking if you are in EU ! warranty and they do work very well. also for the motor, I recommend you the racerstar line of motors, they are actually good quality, come sensored and the 5065 140kv is rated at 34amps cont. so will be okay with a vesc. If you need more power, go for a bigger one like an SK3, slightly higher quality but no sensors :confused: along with a focbox this will be a good first board :wink:

anyway, 2p pack with 30Q’s will be fine up to 40amps , so it would be safe with a single racerstar 5065 and an HK VESC. if you need a pack in EU PM me. 2p would be 140euros without BMS

happy shopping !

The ESCape is 150 GBP (or ~172 EUR). You can get Turnigy SK3 6374 motor for ~60 EUR. That’s ~230 EUR in total. Not that much more than that APS kit.

“if you need a pack in EU PM me. 2p would be 140euros without BMS” I’ll hit you up when I’ve figured everything out. Do I need the MBS for regen braking? Or would I be fine with a balance charger?

Also how do I quote properly on this forum? I’m on mobile don’t see a button…

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