Do It All Mount, Caliber, TB, 63xx, 50xx

Hi! I have a small batch of 3 pcs motor mounts left for Caliber II and TB 218 trucks. They fit both 50xx and 63xx motors, can be mounted both forward or reverse and have idler pulleys to keep the belt tensioned and maximum teeth engaged. Perfect for those who constantly fiddle and test new setups :blush:

Fits wheel sizes up to 110mm in theory (needs to be tested). Should just about fit dual 6355 motors with 15mm pulleys (again, needs to be tested in practice).

7075 aluminum, blasted black anodized finish for that stealth look.

Comes with all stainless hardware and idler pulleys (two bearings). Price will be:

  • 60 USD/50EUR for single setup
  • 110 USD/92EUR for dual setup
  • 10 USD/9EUR for pulley cover in black ABS+ (or you can get the STL file or step file to print and make your own versions)
  • Shipping to US: 47USD trackable, 10 USD untrackable (no protection if lost)
  • Europe shipping: 35eur trackable, 9 eur non trackable (no protection if lost)
  • Canada 16 USD for non trackable.


Is it just me or does this mount look like a carbon copy of marcmt88’s?

Only differences I see are the motor side of the mount are rounded and the idler pulley cutouts slightly longer.

Edit: The clamp is different too. Whole thing is pretty close still.

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I actually bought marcmt88‘s first version, and they did not have support for multiple motors, idle pulley, good ground clearance in reverse position. Thats partly why I designed these. I even issued the design to suppliers before he started selling similar designs.

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Cool man, they look good. I wasn’t saying anything bad about them, just pointed out that they look very similar to the one’s I recently bought and chose because I thought they would be the best. Really it could be taken as more of a compliment :slight_smile:

Is the black paint or anodized?

Ok good :slight_smile: Yes, they are anodized.

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What size belt is used in the pictures? And can it be set up with dual idlers?

315mm and yes, dual idlers is possible

Awesome! And what is the maximum angle from horizontal the mount can be rotated?

I think it has more range than you will ever need. Here are some photos…if you flip the clamp you can also get even more range upwards, which may be nice for reverse mounting:

Clamp flipped for more range upwards:

And since I am at it, 90mm flywheel clones for size reference, original flywheels on other photos are 76mm:


Looks great, Nice work!

EDIT; how long been riding/testing final product? what is min-max motor mount holes (mm)?

Thanks! I just starting testing them, so I will not ship out any yet. Also I want to point out that I live in Norway, so shipping may be costly for US people, I have to check up on shipping prices.

Min is 29mm max is 46mm, circular:

hole pattern


As for thicknesses, the clamp is 12mm, the plate is 6mm, except where the motor is mounted, there it is milled down to 5mm for more clearance in dual setups.

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For what are the 2 small holes on the left?

Motor pulley cover


This looks interesting, sign me up for two sets (when testing is complete!)

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Will do! :slight_smile:

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I want one set too if it’s ok after your test.

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I’m in the UK and would love to test a set when you feel ready

That is noted :slight_smile:

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I’m interested in 2 mounts shipped to the US.

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