Do It All Mount, Caliber, TB, 63xx, 50xx

Nice but I like a mount which allows the motor to be adjusted forward and back to take up belt slack

Any specific reason for that? You can take up slack with the idler pulley also.

True the idler can achieve that goal. With both you get maxmium different length belt compatibility possibilities, it’s just feedback I do like it.

A 3d printed cover would be a nice addition.

I have a set of superflys that will need to live on something I may give you a jingle when the time comes & stop sending my money to @Kug3lis :joy:

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Like this? This version is the smallest, for big 107mm wheels, and cutout for TB6374 shaft:


DAMN… the only thing that sucks about this, is that I don’t have it right now! Sigh :cry:


How is testing going? Do you think you’ll be ready to start selling them soon?

I have been testing them on one of my setups with TB218 trucks, and they work fine. Want to test them with the other setup with calibers, but the weather here up north has been bad lately, I pretty much trashed the board running on dirty winter roads. I am confident they will hold up fine though if you want them now. Also I have been trying to get the shipping for US down prices down, but have not been able to find a better deal here in Norway. So its 47 USD for trackable package and 10 USD for untrackable (no protection if they get lost) to the US.

I had a lot of PMs lately so I will have to go through and make a list of who was first. I will PM you directly and ask if you still want it. Then I will update in the top if there are any more available sets.

I will make a small tutorial on how I mount these. I used two of the flat surfaces on the truck for aligning the clamp against (top and one of the sides), and the round surface is just for pushing against with set screw. On caliber you use two set screws, but on the TB218mm you only need the top set screw, and the second is optional. It will make more sense when I make some graphical explanation later :smile:

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These are sexy AF, I think they look a bit more high end then marc88’s mounts. I already have marc’s so I don’t need any mounts right at the moment.

I really like the clamp on these, more angle adjustment and the black anodize. :metal:t3:

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First orders have now been shipped. Still many sets left, see number in the top.

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Flaring the part over the idlers is very tasty, nice print

how do you adjust belt tension once a belt get stretched with the vertical holes not having any lateral adjustability?

You move the idler pulley to tension the belt.

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makes perfect sense! thanks!

What belt size is recommended? 255?

These are 90mm center to center, then it needs to go around the idler also, so with a 15/36t setup I use 315mm belt.

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Just wondering if these would work with 6" pneumatic wheels?

Also what would basic shipping be to Australia?

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Not sure about this, it depends if they will go clear of the idler pulley I guess. Shipping would be 20AUD for the cheapest option.

Hi Mikael, The diameter of the pulley is 96mm. Would this clear the idler pulley or would it bee too close?


Hi Pmac,

I would have to guess no. Putting my 90mm wheels on, its about 4mm left to the pulley when the pulley is tighened for the belt. That means a 96 mm wheel pulley will go clear, but you need some space for the belt also. Edit: it could work if you have the pulley in the outmost position, but that would require experimenting with belt lengths to get it just right.

Edit 2: Another option would be to use smaller bearings, but you know what they say, bigger is better:

Hi Mikael,

Thank you so much for the information. I appreciate the help.

Is there a chance you will be offering a longer mount? I really like how adjustable it is in terms of being able to mount in front or behind the trucks.

Cheers, Patrick McKinnell