Do It All Mount, Caliber, TB, 63xx, 50xx

Hi Patrick, I made this mount for my own builds and for the fun of it. Not sure I will be making more or other versions of it.

I will be on holiday for a week, if any of you are on the fence about ordering, last shipping possibility will be tomorrow, otherwise you will have to wait a week for it to get shipped.

Some small tips for mounting these after doing it many times now. Mounting these on the TB218 trucks is pretty straight forward, just remember to use loc-tite on final assembly.

Screw in all the screws loosely. Screw in the set screw at the bottom of the truck (curved side) so it just about locks everything in place , then tighten the clamp down. Go back and forth between tightening the set screw and the clamp. Done. Other set screws are optional based on truck variations.

Caliber trucks are a bit trickier since they have tapered surfaces. I usually use the wheel pulley to align everything up. Take away the inner speedring, mount the wheel, and then you have something to push against to align it. Fit all screws loosely. Screw in the clamp screw until you get some resistance. Screw the first set screw (1) down until the mount has a loose fit against the truck, not to much as it then will cause misalignment. Then tighten the second set screw (2), and then the clamp. Then go over all of them and tighten down hard.

When you add the speedring again, it should be a nice little gap between the wheel pulley and the mount:

Of course, depending on your motor pulley, this gap might need to be smaller/bigger to get a straight belt line.


Jumping the gun on assembly tips when your the only one that has a set, and no clear idea for us if your going into production. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Haha

I have sold 10 sets. This is for the ones that have mounts coming in the mail while I am at holidays :slight_smile:

Guys I’m looking also to get a set of motor mounts for 6" pneumatics, i guess similar to 6 shooters

These are highkey not even mounted correctly btw. After a couple of hard impacts you’ll realize this. maybe the loctite is saving you for now. Correct me if i am wrong @Deckoz but you want the mount to be flush into the curve on the right side as that is where the force of impacts is received. If it is flush there is no space for movement. As you have it there is a ton of space for movement.

FYI the only set screw you “shouldn’t” use is the one on the curved side. i use shouldn’t loosely cause i use all and loctite all

Here’s what mine looks like. It’s tightened flush to where impacts occur.


Set screws are known to be pretty unreliable. In practice they should work but as many threads have discussed. some people have serious trouble.

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback. I get your point but have not had any issues with this. I have not crashed into any sidwalks or anything yet. You could shim it like with the old c-clamp TB mounts if you do not want to rely on the set screws.

@Mikaelj I have received the goods! The finished on the mounts feels so sleek and smooth. I’m very happy with them. I look forward to trying them out.

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+1. :sunny:

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same here! just got them and now ive got to wait on other parts :sweat:

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Looking forward to see them on your builds! Also any feedback is appreciated.

There are currently 3 sets left + one set I have used for testing, only dry mounted it to check fitment, will sell it with a discount if anyone is interested in that one. Barely any marks on it.

I’m interested in the discount set. Would it work with TB218/Caliber trucks? Will it work reverse mounted? How much shipped to Atlanta 30308?

Yes, works for both. yes, it can be reverse mounted. Edit: 40 usd. Here are pics of the discounted one:


Do you have a list of all the hardware and their sizes (screws, nuts, bolts)? Asking because I seem to have misplaced the hardware you sent me. Thanks!

That’s to bad that you misplaced it. Screw it, here is the list:

  • Spacer for pulley: Aluminum Spacer 8mm OD x 5.1mm ID x 14mm Long MAS8-5-14

RS components:

  • Hex Socket Set Stainless Steel Plain Socket Screw, M8 x 16mm Varenummer:137-871

  • Hex Socket Button Stainless Steel Plain Socket Screw, M5 x 20mm Varenummer:183-8705

  • Hex Socket Button Stainless Steel Plain Socket Screw, M4 x 8mm Varenummer:183-8626

  • Hex Socket Cap Stainless Steel Plain Socket Screw, M6 x 25mm Varenummer:281-136

  • Hex Socket Cap Stainless Steel Plain Socket Screw, M4 x 10mm Varenummer:797-6260

  • Plain Stainless Steel Nylon Insert Lock Nut, M5, 304, A2 Varenummer:521-939

  • Hex Socket Countersunk Stainless Steel Plain Socket Screw, M5 x 30mm Varenummer:304-4873

  • Plus 608 bearings, washers and speedrings for the pulley.


Awesome, thanks so much! (I just got your pun)

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Been riding these a while now on my “Landlubber” and they hold up nicely on this setup. No belt skipping whatsoever with 15mm belts, Kegels are locking up on hard braking, I am in the welterweight class (read lightweight). I think I will go down to 12mm belts as it seems more ideal for coasting. The ball bearings used for the idlers were not the best and started making rattle noises after a while, so I will swap out those.



I can assume you don’t have any more of these mounts left?

I have one mount left.