Do It for Science | Metasurf Drives | Hummie Deck | 12s4p | Foccers

First off, thank you @sofu for carrying these heavy ass things in person all the way from Asia.

Got these today, the box was a bit beat up but the good bits inside arrived safe and sound.



A little surgery will be needed for the motor phase connectors. Replace whatever this is with bullets:


I thought these drives would be the perfect fit for my road board, should be a pretty simple swap.

Good initial impressions, appears to be well built, way more rolling resistance in the motor than Carvons. I bet it’ll be barely noticeable once it’s weighted and rolling.

They’re not much wider than SRz rkp, maybe another 10mm?




May get started on it after the game tonight, updates to follow…

Sat night edit:

Swapped the drives on, super easy, setup went off without any issues using BLDC Tool. Setup to run FOC.


In progress:

Took it out for a quick test ride, impressions are great.

1mph to 15mph (or so) feels nice and progressive, similar to the pull you get on a R2. But for some reason, to me, the speed from 10mph to 20mph (or so) is super strong and really punchy.

I bet this feel will improve when I recharge the battery, at time of this first ride it was hitting soft cutoff (39v).

Didn’t do any hill tests since it was hitting soft cutoff but will charge it up tonight and take it up some hills tomorrow.

I did not get this impression at all. I have my batt min -20 and it brakes HARD. Nearly flew off braking at speed. Need to also mess with full brake erpm to lock the wheels at a higher rpm. Will also have to tone down batt min to ease up braking a bit.

Swapped out the awful, rock hard black bushing the trucks had on. Put on blood orange insert bushings in a cupped washer.

Now, I wish I could assure everyone the axles are good and tested. I’m about 150lb and I think it’ll take some serious shakeouts to decide if the axles will hold up with a heavier rider, on less than ideal roads.

But so far I’m super stoked about these. Might be replacing the rear mounted hk sk8 6354 satellite setup if additional testing turns out ok.

Some more pics:


Ahhh ya, this is going to be dope :smiley:

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I’m hovering over the add to cart button until you run this thing. I want these on my light weight shopping trolley.


Waiting to see what happens with the narrower truck that’s rumoured to be coming

Does look a bit on the skinny long side tbh. I’m kind of like DD and hubs for short boards and silly big arse motors for long boards.

Updates on original post.


Above Deck motor end pic please…

I think I’m gonna end up putting these on my Hummie deck as well… Do you think drop through would work? It seems a little bit close

not sure, was going to try that last.

low riders are cool until u scrape the enclosure on an ant hill.


I love my low rider hummie deck… but you’re right about scraping lol, my poor psychotiller enclosure has seen more road rash than I have lol


Thanks for the post.

Do the motors get hot? How’s braking at 25mph+? (for comparison, R2 brakes well at low speed but not so much at high speed)

motors were no warmer than satellites. but then again, didn’t run them at full voltage.

braking, IMHO, is better at speed than low speed. your results may vary.


any new updates? I just stumbled across their website and nice to know they just started out!

Felt the same thing today… weird… brake seems to cut out when you are at near stop. Probably the lack of sensors.

not much, did take it out on a full charge and it rides great.

but axles are weak af, it’s been bent already:

That’s not how they should behave. I have unsensored motors and at near stop, they should full short and give you very strong braking.

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are you unsensored motors in a satellite config? is so, not the same thing as direct drives.

with pulleys the reduction should multiply braking force. does not apply with DD.


Hypothesis: considering motor needs to know position to brake… and motor doesn’t know position at low speed cause no sensor… motor can’t really brake… only one way to find out… i’ll go run one of my builds uncensored and see if it does the same thing… :stuck_out_tongue:


Oops, keep forgetting about that.

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And? What’s the verdict?