Do LiPo's require cooling inside an enclosure?

Do LiPo batteries generate enough heat to need cooling if mounted inside a protective enclosure? If so, would passive cooling be adequate or should I incorporate a small cooling fan?

Do they swell at all or can you place multiple LiPo’s right next to each other? I am considering lining the battery enclosure with fireproof material or an off-the-shelf LiPo safe, but if cooling is required, all this extra insulation would make any potential cooling issues worse.

For reference, I have four of these batteries (6S, 1550 mAh, 65C):

I’ve never heard of anyone cooling them and I certainly never have.I have ran big amp 6s, 10s low amp and 12s high amp, never had a battery swell or break due to heat…

I keep mine sealed. I have a 10S and 12S setup and they have never even felt warm to the touch after riding.

No cooling needed on the lipos. I run 12s myself. Your esc needs cooling, the batteries do not.

I ran 12s lipos for a while and never had a problem with them overheating. Probably because they normally have very low internal resistance. Around 3 to 5 milliohms per cell is normal for Lipos.

At 6S you end up drawing a lot more amps compared to a 10S or 12S setup.

More current draw = more heat.

Just make sure your batteries are capable of more amps than your pulling

Not true - I removed the fan on my car esc and it only gets slightly warm.

I think this could be more of an issue for li ion cells.

As mentioned lipo’s just tend to be better for high currents and thus does not become hot that easy.