Do motor wires matter which ones they connect to VESC?

Im getting ready to plug in my first vesc and motor but I dont know what wires go where. Both the motor and vest have three wires.

Do I just plug them in so the middle wire on motor goes to middle wire on vesc, then flip the two outside wires to change direction of motor if needed?

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Kind of, you can use any combination of wires with the VESC, and if you need to change direction swap any two wires.


Thanks for asking this question… I will be assembling sometime next week and I also was wondering this!

Im a first time VESC user, got everything all soldered up and ready, but now I need the final steps on how to set all the VESC settings for my particular setup and would really appreciate a step by step/screen share for variables/settings everything you think I would need to set:slight_smile:

Keep in mind, this is NOT for a skateboard, rather a type of boat.

  • Im running 2x 6S (22.2v each) in series providing 12S, any settings for this power?
  • I have inline 60A fuse, and would like to set the VESC to liimit max Amps to 50A ??
  • I do not want reverse
  • I do not want regenerative braking
  • Im running 500kv, 6 POLE inrunner. how do I limit RPM to 20,000

Im running VESC: Hardware version:4.12
Firmware version:2.18

500kv is much too high. For 12s you should be using 170kv motor

Current limits are in BLDC tool. Battery max is current going into the VESC, Motor max is current in the motor. A 6 pole motor should translate to 3 erpm = 1 rpm. Which means 60,000 eRPM = 20,000rpm which is perfect since 60k is about what the VESC4 can take. You can set that limit in the same page as currents.

For setup, you just need to configure the current limits, then run motor detection in the BLDC tab. Then setup your controller in the App Config tab and you’re pretty much set.

@Namasaki this is a boat not esk8

Oh, LoL… So much for my fast reading skills, skipped right over that.

You need to calculate the erpm. To calculate erpm, take the number of poles, divide by 2, and multiple by the rpm.

So if you have typical 14 pole pair, 20000*7 = 140000 erpm.

This is your max erpm setting, which is found on the right side of the main page of the BLDC tool!

Thanks everyone! how about making sure REVERSE is turned off? is there a box to check or something?

Yes, on the “App Configuration” tab, there should be a tab on the left called “PPM”. Within that tab there should be a number of different settings to choose frop at the top, I would choose “current no reverse”.

I got it to connect ignore this, sorry guys

This is what I need to figure out:

You would do 4.2 x 12 = 50.4 for max and 3 x 12 = 36 for min

Are you talking about the TOP TWO? “Min Input Voltage” and Max input voltage"?

Or the battery cuttof start and stop.

Can you tell me a safe range for all four please :slight_smile:

Oh sorry my bad, I was thinking something different.

36v is you batt cutoff end and you can use 39.6v as the batt cutoff start. Do not change the first two values.

Thank you,

Also, my alien power system remote seems to only be one speed, all of nothing. Is there a setting in BLDC tool to set the remote to have varial speed in the trigger?

Not exactly sure what you mean, but did you set the min and max pulse width values in the PPM tab if the VESC?

just have default min max pulse being min 1.50, and max 2.0 PID mad ERPM 15000 (not sure what PID ERPM is)?

Check the little “display” box and a green bar will appear. Then push the trigger all the way forward for break and look at the value inside the changing box, then input that value in the min pulse width. Then pull the trigger on the way back for throttle and enter the value you see in the max pulse width box.

Should be somewhere around 1 for min and 2 for max

interesting, when my trigger is fully pulled its reading 2.85 much higher than the max 2 that you stated?