Do mtb spring trucks get misaligned sometimes after hitting bumps?

I’m having a problem that sometimes my spring trucks will become misaligned, causing the board to want to turn to one side. In order to keep going straight I have to shift my center of mass more to one side to compensate. Eventually the problem goes away and the trucks function normally again, but the problem will also return. The manufacturer keeps telling me that this is normal for spring trucks. Is this normal/has anyone heard of problem with spring trucks?


Vid of how much the board wants to turn when the problem occurs. Usually it can go straight when unweighted.

Spring trucks will recenter. If you are loading the springs so much that the top pin is popping out of center then you don’t have enough preload on the springs.

If you say you can’t turn if you add more preload, my response will be you aren’t using bindings.

Spring trucks are made for boards with bindings.

What trucks exactly? Got a feeling these can’t be preloaded.

How do you preload them?

They are similar to tramps trucks