DO NOT use Friends and Family PayPal!

This has been mentioned several times across the forum within several instances of people ripping others off, but I feel that a thread that makes it super obvious might get people’s attention faster.


Here’s why: Business transactions via PayPal offer buyer protection for any item sold on the forum, and make it virtually impossible for someone to blatantly rip people off. If you use friends and family, you have no way of ensuring that your money wasn’t just taken by a scammer. This forum has experienced several large group buy scams where people did not get their money back due to incorrect usage of PayPal. Avoid losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars by using business transactions - YES, the fee is WORTH IT.

Thank you to all the vendors that use this forum responsibly, let’s keep it a safe and respectful environment for everybody.


Well you also have to tell the story from the other side then: as a seller friends and family is the only way to NOT get ripped of as the buyer can otherwise rely on the buyers protection and paypal usually decides in their favor. The seller ends up without a product and no money. This is actually a known scheme and the reason why I personally would never sell anything via paypal. It looks like this: As a buyer always PayPal. As a seller never PayPal.

On the other hand it is important to note that there have been a number of very good people on this forum that have NOT scammed people. I just remember a case with @rwxr in which I bought a pair of trucks from him. They took forever and we thought they got lost. He refunded me the money even though it was not his fault (plus I payed via friends and family) Once the trucks finally arrived I payed him again and everything was good. It is important to remember that not all people are bad. We should just mention the ones that are good more.


@johnny_261 @thisguyhere these 2 bros not scammer either. they sold me few things over friends and fams.

But I learned lesson today and wont use F&F for paypal.


Thanks man. I honestly don’t know if it was swedish or german post that messed up. Swedish post sucks and there was riots in Germany at the time so could be either. Just glad everything worked out :slight_smile:

Buying things online from forums and ebay is always a gamble and first rule of gambling is that you only gamble with money you can afford to lose.

Unfortunately lately there has been issues. There are those of us that have dealt with each other in the past with Zero issues. But we’ve had an influx of new people and people repping for companies and many of the new and old members can’t keep track of who’s legit or not.

As senior members here, of course you include @Maxid need to lay down how shit rolls around here to protect each other from these types of issues. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start of a certain standard that we expect if you are to be a member of the community and especially if you are person providing goods or services, regardless of it new crap or not.

We are the safe haven for people selling random esk8 crap. We need people to feel confident to come here and if need be, do business on the forum.


As @Maxid mentioned, it’s a tough situation for sellers as well. I have to sell via friends and family because I ship from Canada and can’t obtain tracking on my pulley kits (for an affordable price anyways). So if someone filed a claim, they would definitely side with the buyer and I would be out of pocket for the funds, shipping costs and product.

I would say only buy from friends and family from TRUSTED forum members.

Just my 2 cents.


thanks @onepunchboard for the vouch.

@Michaelinvegas transactions over the internet has always had this issue, how to trust a total stranger to deliver on a promise. sadly paypal seems to have a monopoly on trusted transactions but i suggest an escrow “service” for this board.

maybe we can pick a handful of people, volunteers of course, that will be the middle person for monies changing hand. once both parties agree that a transaction is done, the funds can be released. it’s a f’kin hassle but a good way to mitigate the increasing fukery that’s happening on here.

I’d be down to participate I’m on here nearly everyday anyways

Providing a proof of the shipping wasn’t enough for PayPal to close the dispute in the favor of the seller?

Why not just pay on recieve via the post and eliminate all this shi* nad paypal scams

Most secure way for payment is to put some cash in an envelope and mail it to seller :joy:. Not possible to dispute there…

I don’t trust envelopes @GrecoMan, only brown paper bags…

Not sure USPS accepts those…

You are mistaken bro, USPS Physical Standards for Letters 1.1-1.3 inclusive makes no exclusion for brown paper. just sayin :wink:

New forum guideline: All payments must be made through brown paper bag sales. PayPal is no longer allowed.

I just confused so many people

It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong, you sir are a big man

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5’7 140 pounds…

Yea sure :joy:

I understood the joke tho don’t worry

I’m still hopeful some day that this will see the light of day. It has been and is working well in other forums.

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I agree @Michaelinvegas ! I’ve been jumping into sales threads and explaining how we do things. All other mods: pls do the same :slight_smile: