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Do these batteries have too high current?

So I have a 80A max motor and a 50A continous, 240A Peak Vesc. My question is basically if I use Lipo batteries that supply 100A continous will it fry my vesc or motor? or if I set the current settings on the vesc to the amount it can handle, is that how many amps it draws from the battery?


Motor Battery- 10s1p (2 packs in series)

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you set the vesc battery amps no higher than 60a per side and set your motor amps to whatever the motor can take. a battery is sucked from by the vesc. the battery doesn’t push amps to the vesc

Thanks, thats what I thought I just wanted to make sure before buying them and destroying my components.

Your vescs will overheat like a motherfucker at 60a per 4.12 vesc :confused:

4.xx has been proven to only handle 35a continuously without thermal throttling, so I hope you’ve got a cooling solution

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I didn’t realise this was a problem, do I need to add a heat sink or something?

Short answer: if you’re going to run 60a per vesc yes

Here’s the VESC creators YouTube channel, he’s got a 4.xx testing video there. I’m just too lazy to find the exact video becayse - like the code behind the project- it’s poorly managed

I’m only running 1wd are these high discharge lipos overkill?

the discharge could be 567644567 amps and it wouldn’t be overkill. Discharge should always be more than what the vesc is rated at so the battery runs comfortably.

also my bad, i didnt notice it was a vesc 4.12. yeah don’t exceed 35-40 battery amps because it won’t take it well.

Thanks I will probably add a heatsink then. Also if I’m only running my motor at less than 60A should I run my 10s motor at 12s? My motor is 3200w and P=IV so a 12s lipo running 60A is 50.4 X 60 = 3024w therefor getting the most out of my motor. Increasing the voltage only increased the rpm so as long as the magnets hold in the BLDC motor it will be fine.

battery amps and motor amps are 2 separate things in the vesc tool. you set your battery amps to 35a and your motor amps to no higher than 80a as that’s what it’s rated for

Hmm if your using a vesc like that I would stay under 10s, 12s is a little much for single drive as you will be sacrificing low speed usability due to the high rpm. Is this a first build?

Yeah it is, thanks for the advice.

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You can go all the way down to 8s on vesc’s with out much issue. Enjoy and ask any questions you would like.

I already have a 10s bms for charging and I don’t want to sacrifice too much speed so I think 10s is what I’ll buy.

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Ok perfect its a good happy medium what kinda of gearing are you planning on using? Also wheels. :smile:

It’s my first build but I’m changing somethings. So I built it a year ago with out doing much research at all, using laptop li-on 18650’s for a 10s3p battery pack. What I didn’t understand was the the low discharge nature of laptop batteries so my board was never reliable and since I’ve come back to it I’ve realised I was overdischarging the cells which are now trashed. Anyway I bought a cheap ebay motor mount (which was a mistake) with 18:48 teeth and a longboard with 70mm wheels. Once I get those lipo’s I’ll see how it rides. I have a 3d printer so can print pulleys and might get some caguamas because my 48 tooth pulley is currently epoxied to the 70mm wheels.

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Awesome sounds like a plan hindsight is always 20/20. Enjoy it should be allot more usable now. :upside_down_face:

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