Do you guys like riding in traffic?

I always loved riding in traffic…I never understood what it is until I saw this movie. Cooper Ray is damn artist. Of course I ride nowhere near what Cooper does but damn…kudos to him.

Full version of the movie.


I ride in traffic all the time in LA I pass the cars on the side. Trying to compare a bicycle to a electric skateboard is not a good comparison honestly. Most bicycle riders top at 15mphs or the most I seen is 20 in the city . Bicycle is way more responsive and slow compared to a electric skateboard to be riding around like that .

Oh cool !! I moving back to LA in two months. We gotta hit the traffic together :slight_smile:

Depending in the area I allways run 97abec’s and ride fast in area’s I know if not I ride slow because of infamous LA with the potholes, also some streets in la are just not good for riding with a skateboard. Sometimes I prefer the 3 lane streets that is a big streets . If you moving to LA I need a riding buddy lol yet to see anyone on a electric skateboard and I ride alot… I’ve seen like a carvon single drive and like a blink board and a boosted but like on the outskirts of LA

I live in Central London. Before my board went bit shit way I was riding traffic every day on the commute to work. Didn’t do any hardcore manoeuvres as streets are bit different and traffic is bit different, but yeah its fun to overtake everyone in cars

When you guys come to a red light and the cars just stare at u like wtf and try to race u and u beat them to the next stop lol. My favorite is this big hill on my way to school and all the parents that go up this hill I pass by them and there all suprised because there car is dying going up and I just zoom past them lol(set up is dual 6374 12s 18/36 ratio crazy fast )

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Nice …I was riding in LA everyday…maybe it was my setup with Carvon Single that you saw…but due to super shitty roads in DTLA I wanna switch next year to dual setup with 97mm or 107mm flywheels.

Yeah same happens every crossing here in London. I can’t wait for my new board to be finished dual 6384 12s 5:0

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people who ride bikes even somewhat fast on the sidewalk piss me off. I see all kinds of people unware of the potential as they fly around blind corners on the sidewalk. I have a friend who lost 4 teeth just walking around the corner when someone laid him out from just such a thing. I’ve also seen someone jogging on the sidewalk with headphones on decide to turn around at a moments notice and end up taken away in an ambulance because of some biker.


watching this guy pisses me off, it’s a NYC and fixed gear rider thing to not give two fuks about traffic rules. He never even slows down at the red light, I get that he’s a good rider but I doubt he’ll stop to pay for damages if he hit a person or car.

my last car got rear ended by a cyclist when it was TWO days old, The guy who hit me left a deep scratch and a dent, I heard him laugh, yelled sorry and rode off into an alley


I’ve ridden through traffic in downtown Westwood (near LA). It felt like every car hated me and was out to kill me. I try to avoid riding on streets where the speed limit is more than 25mph, unless they have a dedicated bike lane.

Guys chill …I did not post this video to bash bike riders…just close your eyes for a moment …relax …and get some good city vibes :wink: you see this guy as a threat to society…I see him as an artist :wink: …of course he rides like a maniac but there are ways to look at this video differently.

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I gotta agree. With great power comes great responsibility. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve seen bike messengers bite it from people not paying attention, nevermind the wreckless way they ride. I’m not a fan of people unnecessarily putting other people and themselves in jeopardy like this.

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this is how i imagine Jake riding to school.


I had that too when I was riding in West Adams …or in places where bikes or esk8t are not present …but that’s why I like riding DTLA …somehow it’s different there.

I ride like what some would call a total asshole on a bike or I board. I don’t obey traffic lights and signs and get from A to B as fast as possible and honestly enjoy breaking the rules and watching everyone stuck behind me in cars waiting, but worst case scenario I get doored or some car decides to take a surprise turn or something and I get fucked up. When they occasionally curse me as I roll by I pay it no mind as I don’t feel I’m endangering them or slowing them down, but I feel riding where there’s pedestrians is totally different and I will go maybe 5mph max if I’m on the sidewalk and I respect it even when people get pissed at me for that and will jump off with a nasty glance from someone. similarly with a board. I get PISSED seeing people going fast on the sidewalk


I often ride in traffic in “the grid” of downtown Sacramento, we have a big downtown area busy with traffic and I often find myself traveling a lot faster than people in cars because of the traffic. It’s a nice way to get around during rush hour, I get some fresh air and get there faster and less stressed out. I like to follow all the rules the bikers have to follow, I wear a helmet so the cops don’t bother me and I have right of way just like bikers when you wear a helmet in the street, as per our laws. The problems happen when the drivers think I’m on a push skateboard and cannot go fast or they turn in front of me thinking I’m going a lot slower. I’ve almost been hit a few times, but it’s all been avoidable, I’m just really careful and know my limits, you have to be smart about it, but riding in traffic is perfectly fine and faster in a lot of cities than actually driving around. I actually ride a lot of bike trails as well and the contrast between the two places is what is crazy, totally different mindset and awareness while riding in the streets verses the trails…I enjoy both equal but they are very different I have a local highway (freeway) that allows bikes across a bridge from one on-ramp to the next exit, I should go ride the freeway and get some video, lol

Nothing makes me happier than someone in a car giving you dirty looks like “get off the street, slowpoke” and then, after the electric traffic signal changes, you smoke them…

Beat a Mustang a a couple weeks ago. Dude was revving his engine like he got something so I was like Okay… and when the light changed I was accelerating faster… on a fucking skateboard. He must have had an acute case of Small Penis Syndrome after that.


Bike Lanes are so terrible in LA , like they have that symbol of bike like every 15 meters and the thing is not flat it’s like concrete but not it’s somewat hard so I cant zoom in the bike lane because of that bump that wobles like crazy every 15 meters

That is my favorite honestly when u pass them and there like jaw dropped and they start to question everything lol

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