Do you have CF/GF skills?

I need a little help there to repair my enclosure. See for yourself.

I have found online what I had to buy :slight_smile:

-epoxy -CF -GF

Now I have everything what should I do? Please explain me So I don’t mess up like I destroyed this overpriced eskating enclosure :slight_smile:

Would you mind sending some more pictures of the damage to the enclosure?

The damage is not much but I can’t bolt anymore my enclosure!


I created a weak point between the switch and the big hole I made for the heatsink with the pressure of the screws it broke

Some threads I found helpful in tips and technique:

Also, I think setting the crack with some epoxy first would be a good start.

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I asked for epoxy at the store and they gave me the big bottle. I don’t know shit about these things I have to learn. Reading the threads.

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Basically, your process will involve using coarse sandpaper to rough up the crack, coat with a mixture of the resin and hardener and hold together until solid. This fixes the crack, but to add extra strength you can rough up the internal surface with coarse sandpaper, coating in another mixture of resin and hardener and placing carbon fibre on top. Wait for it to dry and use a drill and then file to make the carbon fibre flush with the hole.


Haha, neither did I. It’s not that difficult to get the hang of, though. Just take the information, absorb it, and do a practice run on a small object so you can get familiar with the process. Also use gloves because that fiber itches like a mofo.

Wear a respirator too, CF is carcinogenic and has a similar structure to asbestos when inhaled.


So I’ve done failed repairs on cracked plastic shells before when I’ve tried to use composites in the past.

One thing I’ve started doing which I’ve had a lot more success with is taking a dremel and making a bunch of holes either side of the crack, and treading through some thin gauge copper wire to stitch it up. And then I’l epoxy over that. I use copper wire because its ductile, but you could probably just use a strand of nylon, or even a toe of CF or FG from your sheet.

I can grab a picture later of one of the repairs I’ve done, but the idea was inspired by zip tie stitching like this:

The biggest problem I’ve had with repairs is that the epoxy doesn’t bond well enough with the plastic where its able to point load on the break. The stitching really really helps the epoxy bond there, and also gives another layer of strength.

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@ElskerShadow Which deck is the enclosure for and what are the dimensions you need?

Epoxy may not have chemical bond to ABS. It doesn’t adhere to PC neither

Using ester resins (vinylester, polyester) could be better/faster. I would even use vinylester becuase it’s much much easier to work with.

The styrene (solvent) in those ester resins will soften/melt the ABS/PC on th surface and you can get 1-1 bond in terms of strenght, but that is when you have geltime (liquid state of resin) like 2 hours or more

PE/PP are inert and you need really special 3M stuff to bond something to it

You can always jep roughen up the surface (for good mechanical,not chemical, bond) and once you have the composite cured you can rivet all the edges with some nice plastic black rivets

The deck is the DART 35.5 and I need space for double stack 12S5p and a hole for my heatsink to glue in like so

The enclosure is from and is 530 mm if I recall well but I ll do measurment

That enclosure looks like it’ll be about as long as you can get between the trucks no? I have something you could replace it with but would probably be too long.

Yeah it’s a few cm away from the trucks. But anyway I think I will have to keep this shape because I already done all the inserts etc…