Do you like the ownboard W2 Belt motor kit?

Belt motor How many people want our to provide the belt motor kit? 8

This is the first review by Dkwan


Looks interesting. How much would the price be for the kit (esc + transmission)? Have you considered switching to 5M belts instead of 3M?

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I have heard several people complain about orders to being fullfilled recently by ownboard…is this true?

Shockingly similar to the diyeboard belt drive system that has been proven to be rubbish. 3m is not an option in a modern belt drive.


We need check it first

All has shippinged yet, because the Chinese New Year, we have about 20 days holidays.

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Not the same like diyeboard. Too many different with them. We belt motor also with sensor.

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How strong are your trucks? What diameter of the hanger where you mount the motor mount? Because cheap cast trucks snap and could kill you, even Caliber 2 trucks snap @b264 can confirm Also 3m is not good at all, you need 5m belts

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To convince people here you would have to outline the differences in detail before anyone will take you seriously with that set up. Actually make a system that has the details that are common place in a real belt drive like 5m belts. Don’t mean to be rude but the community has been burnt by cheap belt drives before and won’t take you seriously unless you address the problems or prove that yours is not produced in the same place.

Can confirm.



Wait you cant change wheels? Whats the point? Why cant you take the pulley off the wheels. That is a vitale reason new folks would use belt drive over hubs.

Give the option to change to real ABECs or other such options

looks more like boosted if you ask me (v1) same 3 bolts holding the motor mount in and 3m belts… and the same tension system (springs) and both made for caliber trucks except the ownboard trucks might be clones

almost exactly the same as boosted but different motors

boosted%20power%20train%20clone boosted%20power%20train%20clone%202

I think you might be right there my friend. Very similar. Might have to eat my words. I think boosted are doing a change up soon so may have released the designs or its just been copied ruthlessly. I was just about to buy an ownboard kit for the wife too.


shockingly the diyeboard kit uses 5m belts, also boosted has moved away from the design because it loosened up once in a while

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Perhaps they were able to get a hold of Boosted V1 drive system from an old manufacturer and convince them to restart production. It looks exactly the same, down to the curvatures of the design, the thickness of the mounts, and the spring tensioning system. Ownboard image Boosted V1 image


that was what i also also thinking but arent these drives patented by boosted? also it seems ownboard is not using genuine caliber 2’s like boosted used to

but werent boosted v1 made in the usa?

Well, we know the Chinese don’t have the best track record of adhering to patent law. And I would guess they are not Genuine Calibers, since they would advertise it heavily if it was.

And not sure about where Boosted V1 was made, but even if they were assembled in the US, it wouldn’t surprise me if the parts were manufactured in China.

yeah i was quiet surprised to see when this came out was also surprised they got a hobby wing esc to work with belt motors even though all it would require is some reprogramming

Paired with the right battery and a VESC, looks like this drive train has potential. Of course, we’ll have to see if these trucks are prone to snapping.