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Do you live in Georgia?

Looking for other E-boards in Georgia. So far just a buddy of mine with a boosted board and I ride. We both live in Forsyth county up north. @cj1556 lives in south Georgia. Who else is in Georgia??

Hey @FLATLINEcustoms can you re-categorize this under eboard events to keep it tidy :fist:t2::smile::metal:t2:

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I wish I lived in Georgia…so much green trees … I miss riding with a lot of trees around in the hot weather … Sometimes you get that cool spot in the road…totally refreshing

I love the green trees here and when you hit those cold spots on a motorcycle in leathers… heaven!

Yeah…that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Have you tried Craigslist to post up? I did in Vegas just to see… Crickets lol

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i live in south tn near dalton ga, whenever i get my build done im down for a meetup

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Never thought about that @Michaelinvegas, seems like crickets would be all around here as well. I have so many people asking me what I am on. I just thought everyone watched YouTube or read articles on the internet…

@ecuadorche nice!

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Dude we might as well be riding ufos … It don’t matter if you are in country or a big city … You always get people looking at you like you have your fly down…We all here assume that the average Joe knows abt electric skateboards…they don’t … But they all seem to remember seeing a gas powered one lol… Ain’t that odd

I remember seeing gas motor mountain boards when i was a kid but didn’t stumble across Eboards until looking at power wheelz for my 5 year old in walmart and ran across the $200 altered board. then 20 min on the net and realized how big all of this has started to get. KRAZY

See :eyes: GAS POWERED …freaking someone always remembers those lol…Those guys were pioneers lol

Are you still building your ride? … It won’t be your last lol

Yes but plans have changed. I first got in on the 149kv sk3 sale and was planning a 12S build. However, I’m now waiting on the G160 I just ordered to show up and will be using it instead and doing a 10S build. Deck, trucks, wheels, pulleys are on my work bench. DIY 12S esc, and G160 motor should be in the mail. won’t be long and I’ll be posting my 1st build thread!

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Lol did you get one of the last 4 at hobby king lol I just posted that the other day

Yes, I was meaning to talk to you about that. My wife said I’m not allowed to read your posts any more due to the fact they result in my spending more money lol

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So I bought her a new guitar an she forgot all about it :laughing:

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Lol so the Sk 149 is for your wife ? Lol


20 20 20 words 20

just a back up. she would kill her self on a regular sk8 lol

Good stuff man…she can play guitar on the porch while she watches you buzz your neighbors lol