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Do you normally wear protection?

Everyone prefers to ride raw but the risks!

Lately I’ve been wearing my bike helmet and a pair of cotton gloves, long pants and sleeves. I want a full leather suit with pads and a full face helmet and until then I’m always stifled as i get to a speed where i know if i come off it’s going to be more pain than the thrill is worth.

I’m waiting for new escs and have to wind a burned motor…(unwinding took 5 hours) so it’s all from my chair, but wondering where I can get that suit and how bad it’ll feel when I finally do get what I’m asking for. Maybe lined with chow or poodle. And a fat zipper with a tight high collar

I’ve actually been thinking about the same thing. I typically only wear my Bern helmet, some leather batting gloves and a parka since it’s cold out here. This is for a light daily commute where I’m not going very fast. I don’t think I go fast enough for a full leather or face helmet just yet but I was looking at this Xelement CF-380 Armored Jacket. That and some kneepads are what I’m looking at now.

It’s worth it, guard your grill!

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More scratches than last time I saw it I think. Looks like bubavette from Star Wars, however that’s spelled. Actually more so it looks like you Really are that character in your avatar

Should be needing vescs soon, when you think they’ll get here Chaka?

Allways a helmet and leather gloves, even when I’m keeping it Flintstone.
Elbow and kneepads when I’m feeling adventurous.
I’ve crashed so many times, I’ve come to appreciate good protection.

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I got this helmet as a gift after telling several people (some of whom are bikers) i was looking for a good full face helmet for my “electric WHAT?”

I feel much safer in it. Its like being in a car. I was using a half shell skate helmet, but i only use that for my push board now. Triple 8 pads and harbinger fingerless gloves. I’m tired of skinning my palms.

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Haha! I have got to be careful about getting my face in the shots. Don’t want to scare the kiddos! Although my appearance is not nearly as unnerving as my cousin “salad fingers”

Send me your tracking info. I imagine it should be arriving any day now.

I like it when the Red water comes out.

Always riding with helmet, though no faceshield, so gotta watch out for the street-face syndrome i guess.
And knee/elbow/wrist protectors, though i need to get some proper ones for when i ride electric when spring hits.

twice ive seen cyclists go over the handlebars onto their faces keeping their nice helmets scratch-free. But a motorcycle helmet seems too much

just bought this downhill helmet. if it’s not cool enough looking I wouldnt wear it.

I use a full face motorcycle helmet and leather gloves. I probably should get knee pads though since I normally ride at ~20mph.