Do YOU own CNC/laser cutter? Drop-through Backing Plates


I’m looking for someone who can cut this kind of pieces for me. The one in the picture is made of 6061-T6 Aircraft grade Aluminum but I’m okay with steel also. I don’t need any paint or anodize.

I would like to add some thickness on blue areas and that why 90mm lenght would increase a few mm.

Any idea how much that would cost? Sieppaa

I can probably do it, do you have all the spic’s?

a member here makes custom backing plates goes by @akhlut :slight_smile:

Just buy them from Riptide.

/edit It’s not that I don’t want the business, but @alphamail has been awesome here on the forum and we should all support Riptide Sports. And the price is the same as what I charge for this job.


i can do em

@GrecoMan you want a DXF to start off with?

The DXF is HERE.

Problem is that none of those are what I’m looking for so I don’t want to buy it from riptide and then cut it in pieces. I need one between model 102 and 104.

Where are you located? I can do them if you can do without the small cutout at the top there since I don’t have holders for that small endmill ^^

How thick is it? My closest stock size is prolly 30x100mm in 3meter lengths.

I’ve been cutting them from 6mm aluminum sheet.