Do you think this 10s BMS would work with LiPo batteries aswell?

Im looking at this BMS, and wondering if I should get it. It says in the title that its for Li ion batteries, but can it be used with lipos aswell? Anyone who use this BMS? Would appreciate any answer. Thanks!

what bms :rofl:

Lmao, forgot the link :rofl:. There u go :stuck_out_tongue:

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I dont see any problems by doing that! :+1:t2: Are you gonna use this only for charging or discharging aswell? If second, you should get one that can handle more current, like 60A minimum

Or mabye this one:

I’m planning to use the BMS for charging only, wha tis the thing about to use fuse? I dont understand that part yet. Would I need one?

I bought a 16A BMS from AliExpress for just charging my 2x5S lipos (5000mAH). I’m assuming that the rating won’t have to be too high for just charging.

So this one is good? But you mean I can get a cheaper one if its just for charging? Link to yours? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is just stick with the one you’ve got. Not really anything cheaper than $9 shipped. you can add a really cheap fuse yourself. what amperage are you planning on charging at?

Have no idea if it’s good. Kind of blind-bought it. It’s still on it’s way… such is the world of free shipping and cheap Chinese components. Gotten used to it now!

Actually, I’m a bit confused: these specs say that the charging current is quite high. I am using with a charging brick that is only rated at 36V / 2A. Is the charging brick going to be a limiting factor?

It’s better if the max charging amps of the BMS is higher, more buffer and option to change chargers. A 10s 2a charger is a good charger. THere are higher amperage chargers but those are for like 15000mah builds

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The high charge current is there because when you use regen braking you essentially charge the battery at a REALLY high amperage count. Thats why it can actually damage your pack if used too much/ on wrong settings.

Dont worry about your charging brick.

Also keep in mind that a shitty BMS can kill your pack… In some cases I would even go as far as to advise against using those cheapo Chinese units. All they do is resistive balancing anyway. Here check out something really cool from the pro BMS league, just for shits and giggles, for 90% of the people here this thing wont be worth the price and trouble to set up.

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