Do you think this pulley is still safe to use?

I had a difficult time getting this pulley off and mangled it a slight bit. I’m getting a new pulley in around the 7th but still really want to ride in the meantime. Do you think this pulley would still be good to use?

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I use mine and they’re in the same condition (mostly at the bottom). However, you have to make sure that nothing warped the pulleys nor had it developed sharp edges. If any of these occurs, do not use… at all.

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Got it thank you! The top side is in much better shape than the lower would it be possible to just flip the pulley and use that side?

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I tried that and it ended up the same issue regardless. One of my pulley was warped and it caused issues. No matter if you flip it. I would just be careful with it.

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It’s absolutely fine. The flanges can be a lot more mangled than that and still be fine.


Got it thank you! I’m also noticing though that one of the walls spins on the pulley and makes a high pitch screaming noise when it spins up to around 30 mph. I’m getting some super glue later today to bind them together would that be a good long term repair?

High pitch screaming noise? I though that was normal for motors. Now if you hear cracking/clicking sounds when braking, that’s not normal.

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It doesn’t click it’s kinda hard to explain but one of the side walls isn’t fixed to the pulley and can spin and when I get to high rpm it starts to rattle at high frequency making a higher pitch noise than normal.

Like some weird scraping sound as if it’s hitting the wall of the motor mount or something?

If not, a photo would explain what you meant.

I’ll record a video when I can

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That’s perfect.

Here’s the link the first part is showing how the inner ring can move then the second clip is me spinning up the motor with the vibration that comes up.

Okay so the first one is showing that the pulley is okay. As long as it doesn’t move on its own and drags the motor with it, it looks good.

The second vid, did you do the same test without the pulley?

I just tested it without and yes it does make that same screaming noise at those high rpms. I’m thinking it’s the stator windings now that are vibrating at that frequency. I ordered some circlip pliers to neatly get rid of the clip when taking it apart. I don’t have epoxy on hand but I am thinking about using hot glue or super glue.

Hopefully you’ll figure it out from there. I have very little knowledge when it comes to motor stator itself.

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Yes thank you so much for your help!