Do you think this will work?

I planning to do my first build and I followed so much topics and tutorials. And now I chosen those parts: (Already have): -VESC Selfmade (it’s working) -Jucker Hawaii Mana deck -97mm Monster wheels and Trucks -14-36t gearing +belt HTD3 15mm 3M -149kv SK3 -9s Lipo Battery (3x3S series) -GT2B and Receiver

What I want to get: -10s3 or 4p Samsung 25R Battery Pack DIY +BMS

Do you think it is too slow? I weight 100Kg I calculated this: For future…

For now


should be fine. i had the same motor/wheels/gear ratio on 12s.

but you should use htd5. but if you want htd3 use larger pulleys to get that ratio. like 16/40, more teeth.


Thanks for your tipps. But I ordered them already so I will try if it work. Otherwise I will do it like u said :wink: thanks…

The problem was that they did not had the things with 5M I wanted or I was looking for.

I hope it will go but if the rest is ok, then I think I will get it working.


they should work fine, in fact I read somewhere smaller pitch will have less rolling resistance.

and since its 15mm wide it should be ok, but if you get belt slip or wear you should move to htd5.

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