Do you want a vesc?

Hello, I recently killed half of a maytech dual vesc. When turning on one day, it did not work any longer. I looked at it with a thermal camera, and it seems like one of the MCUs is dead.

If you want it, there is still one of the two VESCs in working order, and if you can fix it, you get a dual VESC.

I am in Denmark, so you should either pick it up in Aarhus or pay for the shipping.


Hi what maytech VESC and how much would shipping be to Slovakia

Hi, It is a MTVESC50ADU. This is a 50A dual VESC like this one

I can go to the post office this week and ask, I guess it will be something like 20-30€.

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So could you reply to pm i am going to use this for someone else’s board which I am making for him and this is perfect

@balerion would it be possible to answer my pm

Sure, I just answered now. I will let you know the shipping cost the second I find time to go to the post office! it will be sometime this week


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