Does a Focbox reboots when it reaches 80C?

I has several reboots on my slave vesc today but only after pushing the board a lot, I might be getting a heatsink soon, almost 80C seems to be too much for the Focbox.

After let it cool down a bit it was fine again.

Yes it doesn’t reboot but more like a cut off voltage it just will refuse to function, in bldc tool there is a mosfet start and end just like voltage cut off stock settings are “Mosfet start 80c” “mosfet end 100c” Same thing with motor it’s 80c and end 100c ( you can change them but do at own risk)

It should not re-boot but it should make you go SLOW until the temp goes back down. Over 100c I think it cuts all power.

How many amps are you pulling to reach that continuous