Does a spacer go here? (Gear)

Hi. Does a spacer go here or not? Nothing is pushing back, when tightening the nut?

Normal: Truck, ring, bearing, spacer, bearing, ring, nut

Drive wheel: Truck, ring, bearing, gear, ???.. bearing, spacer, bearing, ring, nut.

The two middle rings wont be touching anything? The gap is to wide? :thinking:

Maybe a handful of rings in that gap. Or they are not needed at all.


No your brackets part was not there when i replied at first. You added that part after. I made the ring bold however to point them out. I will update the quote so it’s less confusing.

What now? I don’t really have a point. Just asking about if anything should go in that gap. :slight_smile:

I mark the text with the mouse cursor. Then hit reply. It automatically puts your text as a quote in my reply.

So 1 hour of reading is not enough? I read about esk8 for 3 years now. Never stumped upon my question. I did use the “powerful” search function. Did not find an answer. I guess i just need more time reading.

dirty big gap there gl

Honestly just test and see what works. If it’s rattling too much, put the spacer. If the spacer helps with alignment, put the spacer. If it’s counterproductive, remove the spacer. Seems intuitive enough?


Right, ok will try that. :slight_smile: I wonder if there are other types of gears that wont have this gap? Or how others have their setups.

Many choose to use a gear that doesn’t use the bearing and instead has bolts that go through the wheel to hold it in place - that’s why flywheels were chosen originally, Bc you could put bolts through then without having to drill the wheel. I personally use a 3d printed pulley with that bolt system and a regular bearing setup on normal trucks - very solid. There are several designs for pulleys that you can 3d print, just search it up and it’s pretty easy to find. Alternatively, @JLabs sells some great metal pulleys that have worked perfectly with my brother’s esk8 for about a year now.

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