Does anybody reccognise this anti spark switch?

hello wonder if anybody can help me please, im interesteed in this antispark switch, ive contacted the owner of the project but havnt got a reply yet, had a good look at and it does look good, mosphets switch the low side and are capable of 280 amps each, wonder if anybody has built one and knows if it works ok.


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Hey There,

Do you have a link?

This looks identical to what I am using - Except I bought mine from this guy:

NOTE : His current model is down toward the bottom with three Mosfets, an LED button switch, and a larger Fuse.


this one

its sopposed to be an emprovment on the vedder one

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Ah, thats cool - You gonna DIY It - Niiiccceeeee.

opppppssss i made a mistake

It’s not the same one.

its a copy