Does anyone else’s remote have spotty connection when riding by traffic lights/ intersections

Im 90% sure im not just imagining this… has anyone else experienced this and if so do you have a solution?

This is my remote: image

I have experienced similar when riding in midtown Manhattan… maybe too much 2.4Ghz interference…?

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Midtown is where it happens to me too!

The solution is a diff remote. Lights from intersections interferes with these and Maytechs (if it’s theres) hasn’t come up with an solution.

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i have experienced similar issues in some city’s but i think its just excess 2.4Ghz interference.

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yeah, actually i just finished my first build and been experiencing the same in manhattan… sketchy as fuck. I have a winning remote…oddly my meepo board has been pretty flawless while i owned it the last 9mo…

but as soon as i get off the train at grand central and get into the city…i either get a temp drop out…or sketchy latency from remote to reciever… crossing 6th and 30th stops the board too …

i dont want to spend more money but open to a gt2b if i can find an affordable one or an easy mod to make it not look so stupid

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Well Im glad its not just in my head…i wonder what the best remote for manhattan is? Considering there is a light/intersection every 20 feet i guess im going to have to get rid of this current remote

I think those maytech remotes are subject to interference. Some times relocation of the receiver may help. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do if the interference is too strong. Best to avoid the area. Dont want a run away board.

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sadly at home…norwalk, CT where i commute from the winning has been great and no issues what so ever (yet) as i mob everywhere i can on my board when possible… If any one has any thoughts as to why my meepo setup is more stable Id be interested in hearing.

Omg i got a cutout in downtown Houston right by the heavy tram lines. :joy: footbraking is essential is all I’ll say. And balls of steel

Edit: i use the same remote


Do you have a recommendation of a dofferent/better remote? I cant really avoid the area as i live there

I already tried moving the receiver away from the phase wires which helped a little but still didnt solve the issue

The remote for my old boosted worked 100% fine in the same area so an interference-free ride is possible right?

Used a little glue on my receiver fixed cable in place I think it helped some issues I had

Maytech receiver basically ot as good as boosted

You need input from the NYC Collective…the DIY guys… @Kaly what would you suggest for this gent on his board?


NYC solution is gt2b. Not pretty, but rock solid connectivity. Plenty of mods that make it less bulky ugly lol. I happen to get the same performance out of the nano-x and micro 2.4 ghz remotes all across manhattan but not everyone has that same experience.


I had this problem last week riding in a big city, two spots that I crossed always disconnect

That is using NRF24L01, the standard version, almost run over two dudes since I couldn’t brake, the behavior I programmed is to cease all connection until I reset the board to prevent it from jittering and throwing me off, bad idea

The worst remote ever (my personal opinion) Is the former evolve. I had disconnections everytime a trucker was talking by radio. The r2 is better tho. I usually have no problems with my other remotes. I have that maytech too. So far so good. I live in a small town, maybe that makes a difference.

@lennylogs lately there has been reports of interference all over the city, even from the metroboard guys and that remote is pretty solid.

IMO you have 2 choices A - products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-nano-remote-controller

B- or follow @caustin advise and get a GT2b mod. @FLATLINEcustoms can help you out on this one.


Danm that means firefly remotes are susceptible? I’ll have to test next month

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I have this exact remote and yes in the city there are som disconnects for sure. But overall it works. I relocated my reciver so its a bit better now.

Only reason i still use it is because i love the fact that i can change speed modes on the fly!

In Manhattan I’ve used mini 2.4ghz and gt2b mod. I’ve had dropouts with both but the mini recovers like 5x faster. Like .5sec vs 3sec.I have a pile of minis and swapping them out made the dropouts go away, I think it was repositioning of the receiver.

Anyway in my experience mini 2.4 is best, and you can mess around with positioning and antenna placement if you need a bit more.