Does anyone else’s remote have spotty connection when riding by traffic lights/ intersections

for me ive tried a variety of positions with the receiver closer to the battery…one side of the case vs the other… with the receiver antenna inside the case… drilled a tiny hole and fed it outside the case and taped it to the side… nothing as solid as it once was when i first plugged it in… =/

Hm. One thing I noticed, the minis might wear out. An older one I had started to have glitches. It had been through a lot though… Swapped it out for another one and zero dropouts. Might be worth trying. They’re as cheap as $17 if you catch it.

So I have been testing out the Benchwheel remote all over the city this afternoon. NO DROPOUTS!

I went to all the spots I could think of that I have had previous dropouts with other remotes, and it was solid all the time. Hell, I was trying to make it drop.

@mmaner is right, this thing is solid. At least in my city. No clue for you NYC boys, ut maybe something to try if you want a solid connection simple thumb remote.

I still can’t wait to try out the Hoyt remote!


I’ve heard very fee complaints about the Benchwheel remote. I’ve got one I’ve been using for almost 3 years.

Sounds promising; any caveats with this remote? Maybe I’ll order one to try out and report back.

This is really small… But it doesn’t come with a lanyard or a place to attach one. Dumb easy fix. Drill small hole and lanyard. I am just so used to being able to drop my remote and have a lanyard, I had to add one.


But that is literally nothing to fix…

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The case is kind if small but the thumb trigger has more travel than any other thumb remote so it’s all good.

Also, the case is bugger than the nano-x, which is too small for my hand.


I always felt sorry for people having problems with dropouts but I never had such.

Well on my second board I have the deadly Maytech 1712 remote which has ridiculously often dropouts and large areas where I have to hold the remote between knee and ankle to keep it connected, looks like a monkey.

My steez remote has no interference problems at all.

I think I have to change the remote because I love life not death. Shame on maytech!


I ordered a mini off BKB the other day since it was fairly cheap with his sale… Will see if theres any change when it arrives.

im starting to wonder if its my transmitter thats the actual issue =/ yesterday at home I literally got done reorganizing my case and electronics… re ran motor detection…re did ppm and went for a long ride… maybe 2/3rds of the ride done i made a stop and my motors were getting a “go” signal while the trigger was at zero… (this isnt a trim issue) …braking made it stop and after a few trigger pulls things settled… so i get home… re config ppm setting just in case…test it out and make sure all is good.

this AM as i leave for work i turn the board on… then the tx and the wheels start running like wtf… i reconfig ppm real quick just in case…all looks good and head out the door… right off the bat supper choppy throttle all the way to train station… fml

will have to limp cautiously to work, but when this mini remote arrives I may just try binding it to the gt2b receiver first to see what happens, if anything

Check ppm cable and/or splitter too. The mini remote has cheap pots and switches, I don’t expect them to last forever. Would be nice to swap out the pot for hall sensor but that’s a bit too much for me.

thats a thought, although not sure how i would test to verify if the one in my gt2b is faulty… or replaceable… mini arrives today…woo hoo… so tomorrow is a new day to cross all my fucking favorite manhattan dead zones

Oh gt2b? Just to reiterate, I found that in manhattan gt2b and mini drop out in the same places, but mini reconnects in a fraction of a second while gt2b takes like 1-2 seconds. This makes all the difference.

I used to have a brief dropout occasionally at like 32nd and 7th, and maybe 40th and 8th, but not recently.

yeah in the beginning all was good…

then 28th and 6th…

then one day I had to roll thru time square from GC and got cut outs crossing 6th and 7th west on 42nd…

now its like always on 41st and park (southbound)… kinda spotty down park till about 32nd… oddly when I head north on park same route no issue =P

Unfortunately, my experience has been different… not sure if mine was defective or not, but I was getting random delays. I really do love the remote itself, though.

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Lame, that’s unfortunate. I am hoping the Hoyt remote is bangin’

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Well day 1 with the mini is good and 2/2 on my problem areas…no issue today heading down park…and I crossed 28th and 6th on purpose to see issue… More testing needed =P I do miss the trigger throw of the gt2b and my thumb really wants to hold the mini remote where trim knobs are so may have to glue them in place and cover with tape so I dont accidentally move anything

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mini has been flawless so far the last couple weeks… just ordered a new FS receiver off amazon to test and see if that was the real source of the issue…

You shred my hometown lol. Bham born and raised, moved to Shelby in 95, and now in Co since 2015. I wasnt born for the south. Glad to see the real south is so widely invovled in esk8.

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FYI I couldn’t solve the constant drop outs of the Maytech MTSKR1712 in the city that’s why I switched to steez (Maytech MTSKR1512) remote and had not a single drop out in the same areas.

Unfortunately the steez is expensive but very reliable on my 2 builds. The only dangerous thing is that when you push down the thumb throttle (cruise control) at 0% throttle the remote enters pairing mode and you loose any control until you push it again.