Does anyone else’s remote have spotty connection when riding by traffic lights/ intersections

good news is i did the gt2b mod today… nice n easy actually… bad news I wont be in the city for about a week to put it to the test…

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This is from discord search function read from bottom to top. These are when The Echo’s were using Maytechs remotes:


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Some have mentioned 2.4GHz interference. It doesn’t have to be JUST 2.4GHz signals. Sufficiently powerful RF signals at different frequencies can “swamp” the front-end of the 2.4GHz receiver. The receiver is simply more sensitive to 2.4GHz signals due to antenna, filters, signal processing, etc. In addition, harmonics from other signals also get through the 2.4GHz design elements as they are in the 2.4GHz band. The skateboard radios are operating in the thousandths of a watt power range, while emergency services and others are operating with signal outputs at multiple watts…that’s many orders of magnitude higher power output.

I also might mention that newer Bluetooth specs provide for adaptive frequency use. The devices actually sample the RF environment and can set the device to avoid the frequencies that are cluttered by other users (wifi, etc) in real-time. It’s possible that your specific remotes and receivers may not use Bluetooth with that capability. It wouldn’t 100% eliminate the interference, but it could help substantially.

Lately I’ve been having a few issues with my cheap Winning remote. Sometimes when accelerating and releasing the throttle it will continue accelerating for a second or two in an area with no interference such as an out of the way bike path. No braking problems.

Don’t wait. Time to switch remotes.


So finally got a test ride throught the city on my normal route with this modded gt2b and no issues so far… Only a few more days riding arpund will tell… But wont be back in the city for a couple weeks.

Reviving this thread. I decided to write Maytech to let them know about all the dropouts everyone was experiencing with their remotes when riding in RF noisy areas. I have two of their remotes and wasn’t too happy about having spent decent money on them only to find they’re unrideable in the city. Below is the email conversation I had with them. Looks like they’ll be churning out a new version of their remote to correct the RF interference issue.


yeah so… for a couple weeks the gt2b was pretty solid…and then all of a sudden i starting getting this “breaking” signal riding thru time square… then down Park ave from GC to 27th… like bad… when i plugged back into vesc tool to see the live RF data the vescs were getting a break signal when the transmitter was off…and centered when on… I assume i was getting some cut outs and thats what the brake signal was from. I reset the fail safe and it was all good again… will find out next week again when I go back to work if its good again =/

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Sometimes I wish Futaba got into the eskate industry…

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same had my gt2b working solid for about a month now, then it suddenly started to disconnected WSH by Brookfield Place…

i will go back soon to test this area again, because it has me slightly worried it’ll get worse with time.

i havent had one drop out with my @FLATLINEcustoms mad munkey gt2b since i installed it a little over a month ago

among other places, the intersection at the end of my street in midtown would drop out for a few seconds literally 100% of the time with the maytech, and has not dropped out once with the gt2b

in my opinion, its clearly superior. having said that, i try to avoid riding on the streets on manhattan so i have no idea if it always works everywhere in the city. except for at like 5am, the stress of riding in the streets here is not that fun - its more like trying to survive than enjoying a nice ride. especially when you’re worried about your remote crapping out every time you approach an intersection. the safest/most enjoyable places to ride in nyc are off the streets where the connection works fine with most remotes anyways

got the mini 2.4ghz for my next build. will report back with its reliability

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To me the maytech remote is a death trap that I will never touch again

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I’ve ridden with the mini and found it to be reliable. Then again, I’m not in Manhattan.

Just want to put this somewhere, and this thread seems appropriate. My Firefly remote is super dodgy for city riding. There are numerous consistent drop out spots around the city, mostly at lights. I am going to use something else. Also, it feels like something someone made in a basement (probably because it was,lol). No offense to anyone using/building/selling them, just my experience. I have hopes for the Hoyt remote that I have on order, but if not that, I will be a benchwheel man. Dammit if DIY needs a solid as fuck thumb remote. I have tried most. I just want a smooth operating thumbwheel remote that doesn’t want to kill my ass… Sorry for the rant, just frustrated that a $120 remote isn’t the bees knees. I should have known better.


Anyone tried a Benchwheel in the city?

I have a couple mini remotes on order, a little worried about cruising NYC.

Not yet, but I hear good things;I will post up here after I go check my normal drop out locations.

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What city are you in? That sucks to hear. It really ruins the ride to be worried about a cut out at traffic lights

I wonder what boosted does with their remote that makes it so reliable…people spend tons of money on their diy esk8s and there are so many smart people making cool things for this community, im sure that if one of those people were to make a solid remote plenty of people on the forum would pay a lot of money for it

Yeah dude even my wowgo remote does well.

Wonder of theres some kind of signal booster and also receiver sheilding that would help.

Checking in again. Mini is still solid midtown. @predatorboards GB esc’s remote is also perfect (like ownboard and wowgo, the 2 speed one), and nano-x has also been perfect.

I have some firefly kits but haven’t built them yet. Will reportwhen I get it done!

Have you tried shielding?