Does anyone have a video of the noise of an ESC and VESC? While riding

Does anyone have a video of the noise of an ESC and VESC? While riding. THANKS!

Noise? I don’t get noise on my ESC… Not when I am just riding. If you have a car ESC, you will get a breaking noise when using the breaks.

So you only get noise while breaking?

IF using a car ESC, you only get noise when breaking, and when binding/starting up. When you turn the board on you get 1 beep per cell in the battery, along with 1 final beep, if you are using 6S (which is usually the max rating for car ESCs – there are some which go higher but are basically as expensive as the VESC)

I know but im thinking of ESC for performance.

But why would the noise affect the performance of the ESC.

I was thinking either comfort and costumization or performance and noise

Are you referring to the motors noise due to how an esc controls it?

Theirs a big difference between a car esc in bldc vs a vesc in bldc vs a vesc in FOC, in terms of the sound of the motor. (FOC on the vesc is so quite)

Is the performance better with ESC?

You can get car esc’s that can handle more amps than the vesc, which is pretty low, which would allow to get more speed while maintain high torque the whole way, which could make the performance of your board better. But in terms of which is better for control, riding feeling, features, and especially motor noise, the vesc is far better than any car esc. BLDC esc’s always create a noise in the motor. But FOC delivers slightly more torque and they are near silent. I hear my wheels on the road way more than my motors (and my wheels barely make any noise). And that’s one of the big features the vesc offer, FOC. And you can use more motors and vescs if you really need the super high torque, like I do with my 4wd board.

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The Vesc operates at 95% efficiency. I believe that is higher than any car esc on the market. So the Vesc makes more power and less heat with every amp that you feed it. The Vesc is not only about customization and comfort. Its about performance and durability as well. Go with the Vesc, its worth the wait and its worth the trouble because it will provide the ultimate esk8 experience.

VESC with FOC 1 motor sensored 6374 ( at 6S, it was my old setup, I had pretty low gearing (12t/36t) thus a very low max speed (15mph?), also there’s some wind noise but At some point I get the camera pretty close to the motor and you can hear that is pretty silent with FOC

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Some old videos.

VESC without FOC:

VESC with FOC:

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