Does anyone have experience with these All-Terrain wheels?

Just wondering, as I need a cheap pair for trails around my house and it look like my chain sprocket would fit them. They look very similar to Kegels. Thanks for your input.

Here is where I found them.

After posting this, I remember seeing @psychotiller with a set of these. Not sure if he is still using them.

Mine were original XTWheelz. Not the same. Mine are Goodyear rubber and I believe Those are a different compound. Also mine aren’t as big…Think those are 113mm?

I saw your post but didn’t respond because I hadn’t ridden those specifically.

They look like variants of the wheels used in this build:

The ones in your picture have holes pre-drilled, it took hours of careful dremeling for mine to work. Smooth ride though, I would recommend this type of wheel