Does anyone know a good 5a charger

  1. ordered board parts
  2. asked seller how long it charged and what amp charger (it was 1 amp)
  3. asked seller the max amp you could safely use (5 amp)
  4. not wanting to wait eight hours to charge
  5. asking you guys

I’ve got a 12S 5a charger that has 220v input if you can use it. I was accidentally sent the wrong model charger

im not sure i have a 10s4p and a 6s4p

What was wrong with this post yesterday where multiple people answered your question?


What was wrong is that no one answered the question.

@thebeardedboy Look in aliexpress, for example here is one but it has higher current and voltage than what you need. Search for 42V 5A

As others have said you need to make sure other parts of your equipment will handle the charger or it could be dangerous.

I’m also interested in finding a 5.5*2.1mm charge port that will handle 8A

5.5 jack is rated for 4a i guess you can push a little but i wouldn’t use it for 8a


5.5 jack can do 8a I’ve seen it lol

I got a 1985 Ford Tempo to go 126mph once


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I believe you, I once got out of a 115mph speeding charge for a 2L 1978 Citroen CX, the manual stated it’s top spped was 110mph, this is very relevant to the max amperage that a 5.5mm jack can take

10s charge 5A

One with a fan and an aluminium case that does 110v

You need a different charger for the 6s or you need to make a drok(lab) charger that you can adjust the voltage on, see these some may have instructions

Fighting over your hose…

That’s 5.5x2.5 and not 5.5x2.1. I found this one which looks similar but I’m not able to find the rating of this plug:

if youre US i gotchu!

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Any pix of that charger?

Yeah I will pm you tomorrow

How much are you asking?

thank you i am us i found a 4amp 12s4p charger for 80 from im also buying the battery there i think its maxed at four amps

read up more… the battery wouldnt be… its max would be 16amp if youre crazy/hardcore but really the only limiter beside the cells would be either the bms… or the actual charge wires and/or connector between the charge wires and port