Does Anyone Know to Which Carrier 4PX Goes Once The Parcel Reaches Canada?

I ordered my FOCBOX long ago and recently on the 31 of July it was marked as Arrival at Destination, and now it’s about 8 days later and still nothing updated. I contacted Enertion and they said to call Canada Post because it shouldn’t take this long, so I did but Canada Post said we don’t work with 4PX so by any chance does anyone know which carrier in Canada that 4PX goes to? Thank you for your help in advance.

4PX can use any carrier I am pretty sure

How come Canada Post said they don’t work with 4PX?

As in DHL TNT FEDEX all the big international ones

When I call 4PX phone no one is picking up, idk what to do at this point

Your going to have to talk with someone who works at Enertion. I cant really help sorry

its okay, thank you

Capture This is exactly what’s happening to me

Same thing is happening to my nano-x right now… arrival at destination means its in the process of getting through customs. From what I’ve read you might get the package to your door step without having any further updates on tracking. Shipping times from china are never the same… all depends on customs

Enertion said it’s already cleared through Customs last week and should be delivered within 1-3 days. it’s been a week after they said that

With companies like 4px patience is key

I ordered on July 1 the sale they recently had … And it got here last week … came in a package with Chinese writing on it other then my name and address…it took a month …lots of patience when living in Canada

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can you send me the tracking so i can see where im at