Does anyone know what this knocking noise coming from my hub motors is?

Here’s the video:

A loose urethane sleeve or bad bearing would be my guess. Do you feel more resistance or a funny sound when turning the wheel slowly by hand?

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I agree with the bad bearing

Time to open them up :+1:


If you’re going to try to open them up, you’ll want to use a heat gun because they have a loctite that’s tough. If you use regular tools, you’ll mess up the screw t

I don’t hear anything turning it slowly by hand and they feel the same resistance wise. It also seems fine when I run the motors while holding the board off the ground, sound only happens when I put weight on them.

I also just noticed that one of the plastic covers had come loose and the screws weren’t all the way tightened - so I tightened them but the noise is still there.

You sure it isn’t your enclosure being loose or your hardware?

Yeah because when I slowly roll the wheels while sitting on the board it still makes the knocking sound

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Update: it’s only one motor and I can hear it when I spin it by hand fast but not slow. Any ideas? I took the cover off, but I’m not sure how to get it entirely apart.

I have a used set of these hub motors if you need to replace it.

I think it’s the sleeve, any way to fix it being loose besides replacing it?

Prob a garden gnome that got stuck in there

Broken magnet? Have you taken the urethane sleeve off yet? That is the best way to solve your issue

Yeah I can’t figure out how to get it off. It doesn’t seem like it wants to budge after removing the plate cover and screws.

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How did he take that off so easily!? I guess I’m going to have to get a hammer and tap it off with a flathead screw driver.

oops, I assumed you had the replaceable hub version, for them clicking is a common known problem :slight_smile: Since its the older variant I also vote for bearings :smiley:

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It is the replaceable PU one, I even have extra sleeves. I just can’t get it off.