Does anyone know which bolts these are? I need to order a new pair. Thanks!

One of the bolts fell off while I was riding. I put thread locker but it still managed to fall off. The next pair I buy will be locked with epoxy.

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@carl.1 should be able to tell you the exact size

If you take the other one to Ace hardware they can check it for you and they have it in stock If you’re in the US and have ace near you that is.

I totally forgot about Ace. I’ll stop by tomorrow. I tried home depot and they didn’t have anything that would fit.

HD and Lowes have it …you just need to search around for it…it’s like in the specialty nuts and bolts area… I just can’t remember if they are m4 or m5…just need to re-check

Ace has it when Home Depot and menards don’t.

My Ace closed…so sad :tired_face:

Honestly they all look like they’re about 5 years from closing. It’s like walking into the 90’s

I know…:weary: … I miss the 90’s :sob: Lol

I mean, I think people still want to check hardware products before purchasing online, no? I didn’t know hardware stores weren’t doing too well.

BROWARD BOLT: 1560 North Powerline Road Pompano Beach, FL USA 33069 Phone: (954) 960-1740 I received my EMB and it was missing a few Nyloc nuts. I drove to BROWARD BOLT and was in and out in less than 5 minutes. I spoke to Case Silverberg and mentioned the ESK8 community. He was very helpful and will ship orders. If you are a builder/seller or just want some extra nuts and bolts, check them out.