Does anyone want to buy my brand new TB 12s4p US only

I have a brand new TB 12s4p but its not going to work for my build. Wont fit in a hummie deck. So im trying to see if anyone wants to buy it. Available for pick up in the bay area or shipping in US. Comes with charger and i am still waiting for TB to send me the enclosure but would come with that too. Since its band new and never been used i would like 450 plus shipping for it.

Pics and dimensions will help!

New items, never go for full price unless it’s super rare.



Here is a link to the product.

I welcome offers

where r u located?

Oakland CA.

lol, live so close, but not what I need right now for my build.

Oakland hills super great spot to ride! Need lots of torque!

Do you have the single cut out deck? That battery fit fine on my Hummie deck, although it is a bit thick.

Oh does it? Thing is i dont have the deck yet, i was just told that it wont fit. Yeah its the single cut out deck that im planning on getting