Does changing flywheel size require changing of VESC settings?

Hey I moved from 83 mm to 97 mm on a Raptor 1. I haven’t modified any of the factory setting but realize the taller wheels will cause a higher amp draw. Curious if I need to changing any settings before heading out.

Not required to change anything.

Top end will be much higher but withought regearing for torque you may have overheating problems because of increased amp draw.

It’ll be fine. I’ve rode both my boards on 83 and 97’s without changing anything else. I live in an area with a bunch of hills and wind as well.

Won’t the braking be softer with the larger wheels?

It’s the same for me.

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Went out and rode tonight. Noticeably less torque and didn’t seem to notice a too speed difference.

Between enertion 83 vs eBay clone 83 and avec 11 97s I would pic either the clone or the abecs. Softer for sure but I feel that’s the size difference rather than the euro. Clone 83s offer the best middle of the road.

I can max out the 97s on the normal setting on the nano x now which I couldn’t do with the clones without scaring me. First night though and a half mile ride though