Does it work ? Simple Build

Hi Guys ! I really want to build an Electric Skateboard. The first building failed now i bought some new stuff. Does it work ? Thank you for helping and taking time <3

Motor: Features

  • 90MM dual hub motor drive kit, this kit is very powerful.
  • Not easy to get heat.
  • Higher input voltage, faster speed.


  1. Model: 90 Double drive
  2. Motor type: Brushless DC motor
  3. Power: 600W each motor
  4. Rated speed: 1500-2500rpm
  5. Input voltage: 24V/36V
  6. Wheel diameter: 90mm
  7. Material: PU

Batterie: 2x 5s Zippy 3000maH

Esc: Meepo Esc

Yeah that will work but ur battery is small lipo 3Ah not getting u far. I dougt u get 10km range. And no that kit is not “powerful” it “works”

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What do u mean with kit ? And which battery should i use ?

It depends on the size of your enclosure and the amount of range you want. if you want I could build you a battery that will work for your board just send me a pm.

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