Does my Battery Wiring Suck?

I’ve built a 12s3p pack out of Molicel p42a 21700 cells. Because it needs to fit in a small container (for an efoil), it’s configured 4 by 9. The parallel groups are wired together with a couple of 10awg wires.

The wiring is an inch or so long between the groups. Except for the wires between the rows of parallel groups, those have to be longer, maybe 4 inches or so. I thought the different wiring lengths wouldn’t be an issue but now my Bms won’t charge because the two groups with the longer leads are hitting 4.1v while the others are still at ~3.8v

Just wondering if there’s a solution out there.

I did something similar. My pgroups were split as the batt was irregular. It had more volt drop than I liked.