Does Nano-X have a linear throttle curve?

I’ve recently switched from a Baby Buffalo modded GT2B to a Nano-X and have found the throttle and braking to be more abrupt. Is there a built in throttle curve? I’ve already got one setup on my APS ESC so I’m wondering whether I’m getting it doubled.

Maybe it’s just got shorter thumb travel and I just need to get used to it.

I recently just switched to the Nano-X aswell, it is wayyyy to sensitive.

Also, have you tried calibrating it every time you turn on the remote? It’s a pain in the ass but without calibrating you’re basically looking to die, I didn’t know this was necessary and I fucked up hard.

what do you mean by calibrating? mine is incredibly sensitive too

I think he means pushing the throttle to it’s maximum in both sides just before it connects to the receiver.

Yeah, calibrating every time.

I also found it was very sensitive until I started remembering to calibrate it and then it got better. Also double check your ppm settings.